It’s time to get comfortable with conflict.
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You know how it goes. A vendor flakes on an important meeting, your boss’s last-minute requests inevitably roll in on Friday afternoon, and it would appear that somebody’s lunch exploded all over the microwave again…

Sometimes conflict is unavoidable in the workplace. And maybe that’s a good thing.

When you break it down, conflict is essentially a meeting of differing perspectives. Diverse perspectives are a fundamental force behind collaboration and innovation. Without conflict, we may never challenge one another to think beyond the status quo.

So, the million dollar question is: how do you do conflict constructively? (Hint: not by ignoring it.) This week, we continue our focus on Mental Health Month with an exploration of how to not only weather conflict, but embrace it — both within our teams and ourselves.

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Practicing mental health means also building mental resilience.
Skills Needed: Emotional Resilience
Emotional intelligence means practicing awareness of and empathy for others ... and also ourselves. When tensions run high in the office, Ninjas can recognize the signs and help bring the entire team closer together by labeling experiences as they happen, and working to understand both yours and others triggers.

Workplace Tension Is Actually Critical to a Collaborative Environment
Next time there’s tension at the office, stop wishing you could melt into the carpet. Take a deep breath and make an effort to respectfully discuss it with your team — because without contention there’s no betterment. In fact, innovation experts at IDEO credit some of their greatest work to embracing (even seeking out) moments of tension.

Practice Embracing Conflict in the Workplace
Teams that can skillfully embrace conflict didn’t get that way overnight. They worked at it. You can help normalize productive conflict on your team by trying a group exercise that maps out the unique value of each role and the tensions that should exist among them.


Keurig Commercial fueled Ninjas on Admin Day.
The standard tension-relief tricks not cutting it? When 2019 All-Star Meghan Cooney is feeling stressed, she takes a timeout with an excellent cup of coffee. "I think my brain is programmed to think "this coffee is a treat, therefore my day is better!"

No matter your company’s size or budget, there’s a Keurig Commercial brewing system for your workplace. Keurig (one of our incredible Admin Week partners!) brings the cafe experience to your team with customized, single-serve coffees, teas, and specialty drinks.

Accomplish all of your goals… one at a time.
To Smash Your Goals, Focus on ONE Thing [DECISION MAKING]
You can achieve almost anything… if you focus on one thing at a time. Probably not what a master multi-tasker wants to hear — but you can practice! Very simple activities like working without listening to music or avoiding checking your email during meetings train your mind to focus on what you really want.

To-Do: Make a To-Don’t List [PRODUCTIVITY]
Who else wastes time scrolling on phone screens? Or puts work over family? Or says "yes!" to too many tasks? Instead of adding to your To-Do list — flip the script by making a To-Don’t list. Jot down the tasks, habits, and distractions that pull you away from what’s important and cross them off daily.

It’s Okay to Talk About Yourself. Here’s How. [PERSONAL BRANDING]
Ninjas often struggle with taking compliments, chalking it up to luck or passing the credit to others. But your talents, effort, and experience are valid, friend. So when you’re intro-ed to someone new, or an accomplishment of yours comes up, take charge of your narrative, and humbly share the "why" behind your success.

Real Reasons to Be Excited About Bitcoin [FUTURISTIC]
Who needs a cryptocurrency update? It’s hard to keep up with the newest, kinda confusing elements of Bitcoin and Blockchain (the buzzword de jour). Here’s a good resource to help you stay on top of how cryptocurrency is already impacting the world, and how it may change your office.

Upgrade Your Time Management Strategy [TIME MANAGEMENT]
The Pomodoro Technique works if you’re doing monotonous work. But if you’re focused or in a deep work flow — having an alarm go off for no reason just isn’t helpful. Adjust this technique by ditching the tomato timer and listening to your internal clock.


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