We can end mental health workplace stigmas.
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Mental health challenges are often hidden at the office, with those suffering not wanting to risk facing discrimination from peers or bosses. And since one in five adults will struggle with a mental health issue during his or her lifetime, it’s almost certain that you or someone you work with is silently battling.

The stigmas surrounding mental health in the workplace can and must be overcome. But it will take more than company policies set at the very top. Just as importantly, it will require empathetic action from mentors, managers, and coworkers on the ground. That involves taking notice, practicing non-judgment, speaking up, and offering a helping hand.

Wondering how to start building a positive culture around mental health? In this final week of Mental Health Month, considering voicing a simple yet powerful gesture of solidarity: "I see you, I have your back, you’re not alone."

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Let’s talk more about mental health in the workplace.
Let’s Really Talk About Mental Health at Work
Opening up about mental health at work may seem impossible — but honest communication can lead to imperative change. Global mental health platform Made of Millions has launched #DearManager, a campaign focused on starting real mental health conversations between managers and teams.

Practicing Non-Judgement Improves Work Culture
Has a coworker’s flippant comment ever derailed your whole day? Even if intentions aren’t malevolent (they usually aren’t!), inconsiderate words can have serious consequences. This podcast discusses how to be mindful of your words and others’ triggers in the office.

How to Support Your Neurodiverse Workforce
Your office is no doubt filled with creative, intelligent minds — minds that may also have ADHD, autism, dyslexia, depression, or other differences in the way they work. What many of those professionals want? To make a connection with a similar colleague, who’s willing to talk openly about their own diagnosis.


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How to be your best in networking.
How to Slay Your Next Networking Event [NETWORKING]
Mingling with peers or potential partners can be incredibly rewarding (and totally not scary) if done right. Make deep connections with people who matter by doing your homework, following up the next day, and being tenacious when you need to.

Stock Your Decision-Making Tool Kit [DECISION-MAKING]
Good decisions save time, money, and stress. But what separates a good decision from a mediocre one? The way you process the situation. Firmly ground your decisions in principles that are identified and executed through multiple lenses.

You’ve Heard of Active Listening? Meet Active Communicating [COMMUNICATION]
Active communication is the flip side of active listening — it takes your listener’s responses into account to make you easier to understand. And when you implement both in a conversation? Trust grows, conversation flows, and outcomes are solidified.

Effortlessly Learn That New Thing [PERSONAL GROWTH]
When endeavoring to learn a new program or gain a new skill, many assume the harder you grind, the better you will perform. Turns out, taking regular distraction-free rests are shown to help improve long-term learning significantly.

Hard Work + X = Success [CAREER]
Don’t worry, we won’t actually make you do algebra. The X factor in this equation? Luck. And though "hustle smarter" is a good mantra, it’s important to keep a healthy, balanced perspective about what you can and can’t control. Some outcomes will be out of your hands, and that’s okay.


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