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Greetings, Ninja!

As administrative professionals, we’re on the hook for making about a million choices a day. Some are serious, like orchestrating an office move, while others are small, like blue Post-its vs pink. But they all impact the outcome of our work.

Usually, we Ninjas are pretty good at making choices, and we do so efficiently and seamlessly. But now and then we come up against a decision that gives us pause.

What’s a good choice? Good choices are decisions that keeping us heading in the direction we want to go. Bad choices? They tend to be counterproductive and can cause us to spiral into stress and despair.

The tricky part about choice-making: sometimes options look good in the short term, but may actually steer us off course in the long term. But if we look for the value in both options and take note of the higher-valued goals that appear as we’re considering — our decision will be clear and we’ll know that the path we’re about to take is the right one.

Choose wisely!
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Choose actions that will make you happy, strong, and successful.
Do I Aim for Fewer Weaknesses or Stronger Strengths?
We humans are excellent at focusing on our shortcomings, aren’t we? What happens if we devote more of that (mostly wasted) time to getting better at something we’re good at? Studies say faster growth, confidence, and happiness, that’s what.

Can I Deliver a Response Over a Reaction?
Waiting to respond will always have a better outcome than reacting in the moment to something that sets you off. No surprises there. Here’s how to craft balanced responses in a variety of business scenarios.

Should I Play to Win or to Not Lose?
Seems like a trick question, but there is a clear answer: professionals play to win; amateurs play to not lose (if they want to win). Problem is, most of us are amateurs — but we refuse to believe it.


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Simple tweaks can turn a bland comment into glowing praise.
Give Compliments That are Actually Meaningful [COMMUNICATION]
Want to really brighten other people’s day? Upgrade half-hearted compliments with just a little more effort. Instead of "Great job!" go for "Jane, the way you designed your presentation made it really impactful. How’d you come up with that?"

Self-Awareness: Vital to Leadership but Hard to Do Right [LEADERSHIP]
We’re told of the value of self-awareness, but let’s be real (self-aware): our understanding of ourselves and our worlds is limited. To add insult to injury, what we think is self-awareness is actually more often navel-gazing. Strong leaders have figured out the difference.

Don’t Keep Your Kids Under Wraps at Work [CULTURE]
Having kids shouldn’t have to feel like a dirty secret at work, but for a lot of parents, it is. If you’re making excuses for leaving to care for a sick child or feeling guilty for not taking a meeting at 6pm … stop that! When mothers and fathers start speaking more openly about parenting obligations, colleagues and leaders will adapt.

Taking Risks and Opening Up for Introverts [PERSONAL GROWTH]
Confidence doesn’t come naturally to many people — even the most cool, calm, and collected among us! But if you’re looking to come out of your shell at the office, former vice chair of GE and introvert Beth Comstock has tips for other introverts on how to take risks and seize success your way.

Get a (Free!) Dose of Self-Care RIGHT NOW [SELF-CARE]
Self-care can feel unattainable, expensive, and like a fad you just don’t have time for. But we can prioritize taking care of ourselves through even the most basic of tasks. Which of these simple self-care acts will you try today?


Three cheers for summertime Adminglings!
We’ve got warm evenings, summer cocktails, and Ninja networking on our minds — and we can’t wait to share all three with you at an upcoming Admingling! Want to strategize and learn with other local admin pros and workplace operators in a fun, vibrant setting? Join us!

Silicon Valley // Thu, Jun 13, 6–8:30pm
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New Admingling dates in San Francisco, Boston, and beyond coming soon!
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