If everything is great, nothing is great.
If everything is great, nothing is great.
Greetings, Ninja!

How many times have you absently responded "great, thanks!" in conversation, email, or text message today?

"Great!" is common, but literal greatness, as in knock-your-socks-off excellence? Not quite as ubiquitous.

Yet, every day in the office presents myriad opportunities to explore true greatness — be it via leadership, team-building, and even failure. Especially failure.

The next time you use the g-word, challenge yourself to really mean it.

Be great!

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Great teams lead to great results.
Great Leaders Fist Bump Everyone
The best leaders across industries tend to share some key traits, but you’ll rarely find them on a resume. A veteran executive headhunter turned investor shares five somewhat surprising qualities he’s learned to screen for in potential leaders.

How Successful People Handle Great Failure
Our favorite mantra lately: Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. When you dare to venture outside of your comfort zone, you’re bound to misstep a time or two. Don’t shy away — failures are critical to a successful career. And how you handle them is a big indication of your true potential.

New Hires Need Time to Become Great Teammates
Awesome new hires are brought on board for their intelligence and experience — but that doesn’t mean they’ll be automatically embraced by the team. Here are four ways to help new employees become respected and valued team members.


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Daily habits can help you focus when life is more chaotic than normal.
How to Focus When Life is Chaotic [HABITS]
In the fog of life’s most intense moments, long-term focus can be hard. Daily or weekly habits aligned with your long-term goals can keep you on track even when it’s hard to think ahead.

The Best Way to Ask for Time Off [COMMUNICATION]
Burnout is officially official (in May, the World Health Organization deemed it a medical diagnosis). You must protect your health by taking more time for yourself. Pre-planning and candid communication can help you feel comfortable taking that break you deserve.

Great Minds Don’t Always Think Alike [CULTURE]
People don’t always agree. And people don’t always share their real thoughts. To create work cultures that foster respectful dissent (which is valuable!), we need to acknowledge the first and address the second.

Learn Level 5 Problem Solving to Be Invaluable [PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT]
There are five levels of problem-solving and most Ninjas have no difficulty navigating Levels 2 and 3. Levels 4 and 5 — the most valuable — are a little trickier though.

Stop "Circling Back" and Make Decisions Now [COLLABORATION]
How many times has a decision been tabled so a few team members can mull it over ‘til next week? A pattern of indecision isn’t just annoying, it’s disruptive. Help hone the team’s decision-making with this framework for getting unstuck.


Admingling events bring Ninjas together — secure your spot today.
We’ve got warm evenings, summer cocktails, and Ninja networking on our minds — and we can’t wait to share all three with you at an upcoming Admingling! Want to strategize and learn with other local admin pros and workplace operators in a fun, vibrant setting? Join us!

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