Cheers to the everyday win!
Time to celebrate you, your team, and your wins.
Greetings, Ninja!

We pull out all the stops to celebrate the Fourth of July — our freedom and independence are more than worthy of fireworks and Aunt Karen’s famous potato salad. But why wait for a national holiday to clink plastic cups? Everyday wins should be recognized, too!

Inspiration: OfficeNinjas HQ recently celebrated an accomplishment with an 🍦ice-cream-for-breakfast party. Sharing a fun indulgence helped mark the occasion, and it was a simple way to bond as a team.

Next time you and your colleagues knock it out of the park, be the one to crack open the Peanut Butter Cup Swirl. Or maybe light a few sparklers. A little celebration may be just what your team needs.

Rock on!
OfficeNinjas HQ


Why Celebrate Success? It’s Good For Your Brain
That’s right, there’s science behind celebration. When you take time to recognize and relish in a recent accomplishment, your brain releases those feel-good chemicals and it reflects on the process — making it easier to replicate those successful steps in the future.

Daily Celebrations for Daily Wins
We’re not saying you should get a cake and party hats every time someone crosses something off their to-do list. But those small daily wins (receiving praise, starting a project, making someone’s day easier) deserve small daily celebrations (an iced coffee, a walk outside, a moment of reflection… or hey, a slice of cake).

Office Party Games People Will Actually Enjoy
Ninjas are often the internal office party planners, and anyone with experience knows it’s hard to create an engaging, lighthearted event that truly celebrates the team’s success. The best way to get the ball rolling? Unique games that you can customize to your culture. Here’s a few ideas (that work for remote offices, too!).


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We know you’re either reading this from OOO today, catching up on emails tomorrow, somehow it’s already Monday.

Whatever the case, we gave you some quick reads that you can start implementing right now, wherever you are — no office desk, calendar, or post-it notes required.

(5 min read) … or there’s a video at the bottom.
(30 sec read) Seth Godin makes it short, sweet, and profound.
(3 min read) Do this right now!

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