Women are finally being heard. Now what?
Women are finally being heard. Now what?
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We talk frequently about the ever-evolving workplace. The #MeToo movement has become a critical catalyst in that evolution. As more and more women step up to bravely share their experiences of abuse and inequality, more companies are beginning to assess the part they play in perpetuating systematic sexism and toxic culture.

Progress — we’ll take it. Though, every step of the way, we are reminded that the road to workplace equality is steep, rocky, and with its fair share of dizzying switchbacks.

With attention focused on emerging research, some real talk to wavering allies, and a double-down on empathy, we can steady ourselves and climb on.

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Runs the World? Female Founders!
Beyoncé knew in 2011 what investors are just starting to figure out today. Driven, talented women are leaving the corporate world to start their own companies, and they’re kicking butt at it. Chew on these predictions for female founders over the next 10 years.
#MeToo has been an incredible catalyst for the creation of a safer workplace for women. But the pendulum swings widely, and now 60% of male managers say they’re uncomfortable participating in common job-related activities with women, including mentorship. Sheryl Sandberg has a message for those men.
Concerted and creative new solutions are needed to enable women to seize opportunities in the automation age. Without them, women may fall further behind in the world of work.

Success isn’t Happiness
Ever landed a big success, and expected to feel invincible, but felt empty inside instead? You’re not alone. Achievement does NOT equal happiness, and you shouldn’t chase goals with that expectation in mind.
Next time you’re called up to present, speak, or lead a meeting, blow them away with a succinct, impactful performance that focuses on what your audience needs.
No matter what you do, as the saying goes, haters gonna hate. Here’s how to deal with the people who judge you, your work, and your goals.
You can stay on top of emerging technology without going back to school. Dig into free online courses that will lead you through valuable skill-building in coding, leadership, and design.
True productivity means scheduling less, saying no more often, and resisting distraction where you can — the most productive people aren’t the ones who are juggling the most commitments — they’re the ones operating most intentionally.

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