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Career Tip #1: Be Kind ♥
Greetings, Ninja!

How can we say this eloquently, diplomatically, and in a way that will inspire as you navigate your own path of personal evolution and professional development?

Your workplace communication sucks.

But, wait, ours does, too!

Oh, dear. That came out all wrong…

What we meant to say is that despite the importance we place on communication (and the seemingly infinite methods of communication we have at our disposal), misunderstandings between colleagues still happen … daily.

Sometimes it’s a style issue. Other times we fail to understand our audience. And, probably more often than any of us would like to admit … we’re not really listening to the other party. And guess who suffers? Everyone. 👎

SO ... in the name of productivity and collaborative harmony, we hereby vow to become clearer, more compassionate, and more tenacious communicators.

You in?

Rock on!
OfficeNinjas HQ

seemingly simple communications can be misinterpreted.
Simply put: communicating even the most mundane of thoughts … isn’t simple. Navigating noise, moods, and misinterpretation means no one in the office is as good at communicating as they think they are.
Leaders must be good communicators — and that doesn’t just mean responding quickly to emails. Let four top-tier leaders best known for embracing vulnerability, transparency, and authenticity, inspire your own path.
Research shows that certain words or phrases have the power to change the course of a conversation. A few of these words are surprising and go against everything we’ve been taught to believe...

Delta Air Lines ranks #1 among U.S. Global Carriers in on-time performance.
Types of communication we can all do without? Flight delays and cancellations. Our partner Delta Air Lines feels the same way — that’s why they rank #1 among U.S. Global Carriers in on-time performance.

And with reliable service to over 300 domestic and international destinations, Delta’s free, no-hassle SkyBonus Program will make each mile count.

For a limited time, Ninjas can get 45k bonus points with company enrollment in Delta’s SkyBonus Program for OfficeNinjas. To learn more, email our Delta contact Jessamy Ross at (You may recognize her from ON Con and Admin Bash!)

your calendar the most effective tool it can be.
Managing your to-do list by scheduling it in your calendar isn't a bad idea. But what happens when you have to put out four unexpected fires before lunch? Try these 24 quick Google Calendar switches for better productivity and peace of mind.
Speaking of scheduling, pencil in 50-minutes (it's worth it) to watch/listen to this inspiring Marie Forleo interview with soccer legend and leadership expert Abby Wambach. If you’ve ever bit your tongue to avoid coming off as bossy or aggressive — this is for you.
Like to work in a noisy environment while your colleague prefers silence? For now, thanks to research, you can safely make the argument that it’s likely boosting your performance.
Ready for a masterclass in owning your thoughts and feelings? In this podcast with the founder of The Conscious Leadership Group, you’ll learn practical advice for becoming more self-aware, ditching the victim mindset, and connecting deeply with people in your life.
Productive habits are the backbone of any successful person. Here are the routines that successful executives share have been most instrumental in helping them achieve their goals.

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Someone told us their office still only uses desktop computers, so we asked Ninjas on Facebook if they have laptops or if they're stuck working in one spot. And as D’Lisa M. commented — a lot of Ninjas are, in fact, "stuck in the 90s."

Let us know your computing situation with a comment on our Facebook page! a desk like I’m stuck in the 90s

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