Bookmark these career growth resources.
Bookmark these career growth resources.
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Is it just us, or is the phrase soft skills kind of a misnomer?

The ability to, say, resolve a conflict through communication and negotiation — that’s actually pretty hard!

So is leaving a job with grace and humility (especially if you’ve had a negative experience or didn’t see it coming). Or giving a million dollar retort to the eponymous interview question, “Why are you interested in this position?”

Let’s respectfully call soft skills what they really are: a complex, evolving specialization — and the cornerstone of a Ninja’s professional growth.

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Teamwork is a highly effective way to deliver quality work that gets you noticed.
You may often operate as a department of one, but teamwork is a highly effective way to deliver work that gets you noticed. Whether keen to make a name for yourself, or mid-career and looking to build on soft skills, here are your best areas of focus.
This simple interview question is anything but. Whether you legitimately want the job or just need a steady paycheck, there are savvy ways to convey your interest — and hold theirs in the process.
In one study, 80% of HR managers said the manner in which a person resigns may impact their future career opportunities. Exiting a company can feel awkward, but no matter the situation, you can move on with confidence and grace.

Ninjas at AdminglingDC enjoy a beautiful spread from Le Pain Quotidien.
You aren’t the only one bringing your soft skills to the table! We wanted to elevate the Admingling experience and Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ) delivered with a beautifully presented spread of homemade pastries, organic sandwiches, signature tartines, and fresh salads. (LA and DC Ninjas gave it 9.5 out of 10 stars! 🌟)

Need to level up your next company event? LPQ serves a variety of locations around the U.S. — take advantage of their expert catering, private event spaces, and baking classes for a fun, nourishing team-building session!

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Introverts do like to network — just differently.
Introverts tend to value quality of interaction over quantity, which is why some networking events are overwhelming and ultimately unproductive for them. Here’s how to design events so everyone comes out ahead.
If your commute is wearing you down, researchers have some interesting advice for making daily travels less stressful and, dare we say, refreshing. (No, it doesn’t involve obvious distractions like books and podcasts.)
After becoming a mom and experiencing a series of health issues, entrepreneur Kate Northrup was forced to do less. That’s when she made a surprising discovery: she was able to achieve the same results in half the time.
Office tension can eat us alive if we're not careful — but we don't have to let it rule our actions. Learn from a world-class mediator how to systematically de-escalate potentially toxic situations.
Agile organizations need to approach performance management a little differently to succeed in it. This in-depth guide will show you how to create a process that yields a positive impact on employee and organizational performance.

"Always be trustworthy — the more trust your executives have in you, the more they'll lean on you, confide in you, and will ultimately be your partner." — Anita Conrad, 2017 OfficeNinjas All-Star

We were thrilled to see All-Star alumna Anita Conrad at last week’s Admingling in Seattle where Ninjas discussed how to champion company culture and build coworker relationships. This quote from Anita’s All-Star Q&A seemed especially relevant.

What’s your take on building trust in the workplace? Share your thoughts here!
Anita Conrad with some sage Ninja advice.

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