Don’t have a workplace wellness program? Start one.
Don’t have a workplace wellness program? Start one.
Greetings, Ninja!

On a scale of vending machine diet soda to kombucha on tap, how would you rank your workplace’s wellness efforts? Could they use a touch of Ninja resourcefulness to whip them into shape?

It’s worth considering. Colleagues may welcome access to healthy inspirations in the office. And a company wellness program can even be amazing PR for recruiting clients and new talent!

But before you hang the leaderboard, dole out fitness trackers, and unroll yoga mats, carefully think through a couple of important factors — specifically, privacy and inclusivity. Even wellness programs launched with the best of intentions can fall woefully short in these departments, so do your research, check in with the experts, and, of course, don’t forget to hydrate. 💦

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Whether done individually or as a team, workplaces are focusing on wellness.
Did you know your company wellness program can be just as healthy for recruiting new clients and talent? Here’s how to plan a wellness event that also builds brand awareness and your company’s reputation as a great place to work.
A company may have its finger on the pulse of wellness trends, but at what cost for employee privacy and inclusivity? Here’s what you need to know about the potential dark side of those wellness perks.
Social media is often a source of stress and anxiety — but soon it can be a solution for 9-to-5ers stressed at their desks. Pinterest is working with Brainstorm, the Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation, to launch an innovative wellness tool that zeros in on workplace anxiety.

Tracking your progress can motivate you to reach your wellness goals.
Got a few personal wellness goals you intend to crush? Our co-founder Nancy does, too. So, she created a simple daily tracker to monitor progress and help her stay focused. Because we all know there’s nothing quite like the sweet sensation of checking a box complete.

>> Download her free daily tracker template and get to checking your own boxes!

Take time off work, guilt-free.
Is an upcoming parental leave, extended vacation, or personal time off from work making you dread the date? Breathe. The right preparation can boost your confidence about being away and ensure your transition back is smooth sailing.
It may seem a little counterproductive to suggest more "distractions" if you’re already struggling with time management. But these five snack-sized TED talks will help you troubleshoot your biggest time-wasters.
We try to pretend we aren’t interested in juicy workplace gossip, but who are we kidding?! Here’s the (shocking) hot goss on who in the office really does the most whispering about that one coworker.
Solid company culture lays the groundwork for the lightbulb moments that happen when people feel truly comfortable at work. Whether changes big or small — you can be a positive example in your office.
What happens before 8 a.m.? For some, rude gestures at the alarm clock. For the others? The most meaningful accomplishments of their day. Which of these eight acts of self kindness will make it into your morning routine?

An article we shared last week reinforced just how dramatically your commute can affect your day — so we asked Ninjas about theirs.

And boy did y’all weigh in. From 12 seconds (see below — thanks, Marie H.) to two hours each way, commuting is a major factor in Ninjas’ work and home lives. What’s your commute like? Join the conversation here!
How long is YOUR commute?

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