How to break the loop of negativity at work.
How to break the loop of negativity at work.
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Ever experience the all-consuming misery of disliking your job? It starts off as mild irritation with typical office-related annoyances (The WiFi is down again?) and then slowly morphs into general unhappiness (If I can just make it ‘til 6 p.m…). Before you know it, a heavy sense of dread starts creeping into your Sunday evenings.

Hating your work is the pits, but here’s the thing: job dissatisfaction often has little to do with the actual job. Unpack your psyche, and you’ll likely find that there’s something else — a poorly structured workday, a chronically complaining colleague, or even your own negative thought loop — bringing you down.

Don’t get us wrong — you should absolutely leave a job that doesn’t deserve you! Life is too short. But before you jump ship, take a step back to assess your misery from all angles. There may be another way to fix it and get your Sunday evenings back, too.

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Feeling miserable at work? There are steps you can take.
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Whether stuck on a project or having a rough time navigating life, it’s easy for frustrations to quickly spiral. But if you can understand the cycle of a negative thought loop, you can break free from it.
We all have at least one coworker who constantly complains and never seems to have anything positive to say. You can't control what they do, but you can prevent their negativity from affecting your own work.

OfficeNinjas co-founders spent a lovely afternoon with Asana’s Ninja squad.
We love venturing into the community to see where Ninjas are making the magic happen!

Last week, our co-founders Nancy and Edwin experienced an inspiring afternoon of big ideas, brainstorms, and bubbly at Asana HQ with Administrative Business Partner Jenna M. and the Asana Ninja squad! (Aaaaand because ONHQ is a die-hard Asana power user, there may have been just a touch of fanboying/girling, too. 🤓)

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Admingling in San Francisco
San Francisco
October 22, 2019

At October’s AdminglingSF, we’re discussing the ever-expanding Ninja role and how to master it. Come brainstorm and connect with like-minded SF admins and workplace operators!

We asked Ninjas how they prefer to rock their workday soundtrack — and it’s a close race! Weigh in here!
How do you listen to music during the workday?

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