Cut back on overthinking, accept imperfection, and get things done.
Cut back on overthinking, accept imperfection, and get things done.
Greetings, Ninja!

You’ve got a lot of great attributes. But your brain? It’s the real moneymaker. It comes up with systems, solves problems, conducts research… and let’s not forget your sparkling self-awareness!

But does it ever feel like your grey matter is working against you? Overthinking can hijack productivity, while the pursuit of the *perfect* solution to any given problem is, quite frankly, a fool’s errand. And you ain’t no fool.

Analysis paralysis is a particularly confounding affliction, but there are ways to avoid it and keep your beautiful brain train chuggin’ along.

You on board?

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win the day, you have to train your mind.
Ninja Truth #204: Sometimes the thing standing in the way of finishing a project is our own obsession with making it perfect. Training your focus instead on smaller goals and the process is key to getting things done.
Having many options also means having to consider many decisions, and suddenly, you're spiraling into the pit of indecision. Break the chain by completing small actions, setting deadlines, and trusting your gut.
There are things you simply can’t change about yourself: your age, race, height. You can, however, change your mindset. Read the inspirational stories of five people who changed their lives by changing their minds. (Note: this author sometimes uses colorful language to punctuate his points. Let us know if that’s a bummer.)

Actions (not advice) are what help women in the workplace.
Supporting women in the workplace means more than giving advice. In fact, it may mean not giving them advice. (They get enough unsolicited advice already.) Here’s what to do instead.
Thinking about finally making the switch from Excel to Google Sheets? Want to quickly level up your Sheets game? Try these 21 tips to get more out of your data.
Research shows that companies with structured management practices are better at hiring and retaining employees and maintain lower levels of firing.
Emotional Intelligence
Jim takes calls on speakerphone. Karen is an aggressive typer. Why are we so bothered by these little workplace pet peeves?
It’s easy to blame bosses or schedules — but creating work-life integration is actually your responsibility. This article explores techniques to help you achieve work-life balance when it's not in your nature to do so.

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