As the workplace evolves, so does your leadership.
As the workplace evolves, so does your leadership.
Greetings, Ninja!

Real talk: not all leaders are bosses, and not all bosses are leaders.

Don’t worry — this isn’t a rant about inept managers (we’ll save that for another newsletter). This is about you, Ninja, and your capacity for impactful leadership, regardless of your position on the org chart.

Leadership is facilitating an emotionally-charged discussion and keeping a cool head. Leadership is questioning a clunky system or calling B.S. on a policy that no longer serves your workplace (in a diplomatic manner, of course). And when you give feedback in a way that makes a colleague feel empowered? That’s leadership.

You may not be calling every shot, but your leadership is real and a major asset in the future workplace. It deserves to be nurtured.

Lead on!
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Ninjas have the power and skills to lead, change, and grow companies.
A growing number of startup CEOs are hiring a Chief of Staff — an exciting and highly rewarding “right-hand” role for career Ninjas who want unique insight into the challenges of scaling companies.
System-wide improvement doesn’t always come from expensive consultants or major overhauls. In Hootsuite’s case, it took the form of tasking one employee to look critically at internal processes and identify weaker points to improve.
It’s tough to know when to offer constructive criticism and when to just give your colleague a pat on the back. Help yourself out by dividing feedback into three categories: appreciation, advice, and evaluation.

simple card or small random act of kindness can seriously boost morale.
You already know that a few easy acts of kindness can go a long way in making your office a friendlier place. Keep this list of 24 kind acts handy for when you think coworkers could use a boost.
While the idea of automated methods for finding perfect job candidates may sound fine to busy HR pros, more evidence is showing that computers can’t (yet) duplicate the ‘human’ touch in deciding whether someone can be a good fit.
Your company’s mission statement speaks of doing great, exciting things, but you feel bogged down with busywork? Try these strategies to make even the most un-fun projects more meaningful in the bigger picture. (Your manager can help!)
Open-plan workplaces are perfect until they aren’t — sometimes you need privacy for a confidential call or just to think. To solve for privacy, some companies have added phone booth-style micro-cubicles to the mix, with varied results.
More companies are offering telecommuting options, and while some employees are opting in, it can be challenging to feel appreciated when contributing remotely. Here’s how to ensure their efforts are recognized.

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Recently on the OfficeNinjas Facebook page, MistiLynn L. commented that she had cracked the pizza to person ratio — 2.5 slices per hungry coworker.

Do you have any food formulas you use around the office? Share them here!
Is 2.5 pieces of pizza per person the perfect ratio in your office?

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