Need to get stuff done? Play some games…
Need to get stuff done? Play some games…
Greetings, Ninja!

Ten minutes of office ping pong is good for blowing off steam, and a surreptitious game of Words with Friends is just naughty enough to forge a bond with your coworker, but playing games at work can have even bigger benefits for your team.

Sound a little far-fetched? Or maybe your office is just too busy for games?

In that case, we’ve got a challenge — no, a DARE! — just for you.

The next time your team is staring down a deadline but feeling stuck, uninspired, or incohesive, suggest a game. Not foosball or pop culture trivia (save those for happy hour), but a strategy game designed to help disrupt habitual thinking and get the creative juices flowing.

Some of our favorites include "Destroy Your Company" and "Bad Customer," but there are tons of ways to inject play into workday ... and potentially unlock new levels of productivity.

Play on!
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Love my team. Just gathering at a central spot to laugh together was enough to ease the burden of the day! – Jessica V.J.

Thanks to Jessica V.J. for sharing this great reminder on our Facebook page that creating an at-work moral support crew can make a bad day better! And if you’re a team of one in your office, don’t worry — your nation-wide Ninja crew is always here when you need a pick me up. ❤️
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