Feedback is crucial for all team members…
Feedback is crucial for all team members…
Greetings, Ninja!

"Can I give you some feedback?"

Your shoulders just got a little tighter, didn’t they? Being on either end of this question can be stress-inducing, even though most of us (including your boss) actually want to know how we’re doing at work.

The thing is, giving feedback is as much about the delivery as the message itself. Timing counts, specificity is crucial, and you must be clear and concise. (Serve up a "compliment sandwich" and your colleague will smell the bologna a mile away.)

Receiving feedback takes practice, too. Remaining open and unbiased is an exercise in humility and self-awareness. But if you can keep your ego in check (and your shoulders relaxed), a good piece of feedback can change your day — maybe even your career — for the better.

Brave on!
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us for OfficeNinjas Con 2020.
For OfficeNinjas Con 2020, we’ve doubled down on word-class programming and professional development designed just for career admins.

April 21-22, join Ninjas from around the world for TWO full days of interactive workshops, group intensives, and face time with innovative thought leaders and seasoned practitioners who are shaping the future of work.

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You know we love a good Ninja pose — especially when it’s an OfficeNinjas Con Scholarship winner striking one with her Ninja family! Sabrina P. had already dressed the part the day she received the big news that she would be one of our first-ever scholarship winners. Destiny!

Help us congratulate all of our Scholarship recipients, including Ross G, Amanda P, and Sabrina P with a comment on this article!
Ultimate Ninja-spirit from one of our Con Scholarship winners and her family.

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