Bias is inherent. Acting on it can be prevented.
Bias is inherent. Acting on it can be prevented.
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The difference between managers who lead diverse and inclusive teams and those who just talk about diversity and inclusion? There are a few:

  • Leaders understand bias. Even organizations with the best of intentions unconsciously discriminate against employees and job candidates based on gender expression, race, sexual orientation, age, physical ability. Managers who prioritize D&I aren’t just educated on bias and its nuances — they’re committed to dismantling it.

  • They don’t let fear stop them. Like everyone else, they’re concerned about fumbling over sensitive topics or misusing terminology. But they embrace the learning curve… and lean into the discomfort.

  • They reap the rewards. From an improved employee experience to the company’s bottom line, the benefits of a diverse workforce are numerous.

Talk is cheap, but you get what you pay for. Is it time for your company to make a real investment in diversity and inclusion?

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And for 2020, we’ve added a new category: the OfficeNinjas All-Star TEAM Award!

Nominate yourself, another Ninja, or a Ninja Team who raises the bar and defies the norm.
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