Some rules and best practices are starting to change.
Greetings, Ninja!

What strange times we live in. And we're not even talking about politics!

Multitasking? It's actually NOT the key to productivity. That mandatory anti-harassment training that everyone dreads? With the right approach, it can be a fun bonding experience.

And the next time you find yourself muttering the words "I need a drink" while you unjam the printer for the sixth time in a row, we recommend you go pour yourself one!

Times have really changed—so let's explore them together.


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Managing productivity
Stop Multitasking: It May Be Key to Managing Productivity
Managing productivity is hard—especially if you're helping an entire team succeed. But mastering one new concept can help combat distractions and boost output.

Ask Susy: Anti-Harassment Training That's Fun & Still Serious
Creating an effective anti-harassment training guide can be tricky. Susy throws in her two cents on how to engage your audience while doing justice to an important topic.

How to Keep it Classy When Alcohol Enters the Office
When (and how) is it acceptable to drink on the job, Ninjas? This post shares how it came to be—and how it's coming back.


Breaking bad habits
How to Break Your Worst Work Habits for Good [PRODUCTIVITY]
Facebook with a side of booking flights, anyone? Whether you're a serial multitasker or a local news junkie, habit reform is a legitimate way to break your bad work habits for good.

8 Conflicting Habits of Wildly Successful People [SUCCESS]
If you look to the world's most successful people for pointers, you should also be aware of the eight most conflicting habits those role models probably possess.

10 Minutes a Day on Mindfulness Changes How You React to Everything [BRAIN POWER]
One second can be the difference between achieving desired results or not. In that one second lies the opportunity to improve the way you decide and direct—and the way you lead.

6 Essential Tips to Help Introverts Knock Meetings Out of the Park [INTROVERTS]
Introverts aren't necessarily shy. They just take extra time to process thoughts and surroundings—which adds a few extra challenges to running a meeting.

How the 4-Hour Work Week Creator Keeps from Burning Out [BURNOUT]
Calmly and confidently moving through tasks yields better results than rushing through the day. This is how Tim Ferriss, the famous author of the 4-Hour Work Week, stays sane.

Facebook Has a Mysterious Team Working on Tech That Sounds Like Sci-Fi  [TECHNOLOGY]
A secret division that Facebook created last year is developing "brain-computer interface" technology that sounds a lot like the mind-reading and telepathy of science fiction movies ...


Q1 Admingling Events are About the Two Ps: Productivity & Processes
Bring your laptop! Q1 Adminglings will focus on useful productivity tools and processes to streamline tedious tasks—which will benefit your entire office and make you even stealthier.
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April 26, 2017 👉 Time to Register for the OfficeNinjas Admin Bash
Admin Bash takes place on Administrative Professionals Day—striking the perfect balance between a professional networking event and all-out party.


2017 All-Stars
We know all Ninjas shine—but All-Stars sparkle. If you've got a glowing efficiency aura yourself, ask your colleagues to nominate you as an OfficeNinjas All-Star. We even wrote the request, so all you gotta do is hit send.

Don't know who to ask for a nomination? Don't worry, you can nominate yourself too!


Writefull App
One Easy-to-Use Tool to Make You a More Confident Writer
Writefull gives feedback on your writing by checking text against databases of correct language. You can use it anywhere from Word to Gmail, and it's handy for translations too.

An AI Proofreader as Good as an English Major
Sure, there are tools out there to catch typos and bad grammar. But this AI proofreader can distinguish colloquialisms and actual meanings to help people write better.

Beat Writing Distractions with FocusWriter
This no-frills word processor cuts the menus and toolbars from view so you can focus on work in a full, blank screen. You can also set a custom background image to help you get in the writing zone.

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