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We need a savvy Ninja with buckets of administrative badassery to help manage our team's growth!

OfficeNinjas knows the breadth of admin duties better than anyone, so if you become our Ninja, we won't limit you to a title that keeps you in one lane. The big must-have is a constant willingness to help a small team achieve big things.

We'll also need you to be familiar with the tech landscape, startup life, and various tools and plugins that make processes hyper efficient. If you're already thinking "Heck yes!," click over to our Careers page.

Love your job and can't apply? No problemo—feel free to share the opening with your Ninja pals!

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Unlimited Time Off
How to Weigh the Good & the Bad When It Comes to Unlimited Time Off
Unlimited vacation policies are getting popular, but they bring plenty of pros and cons. This post touches on important points to consider if you're setting up the plan (or just enjoying it yourself).

What You Need to Know to Work Productively with a Disorganized Boss
If you're laboring under a disorganized exec, you're probably all too familiar with multitasking overload. These seven office-tested hacks will help you cope without quitting.

How to Tackle Stacks of Returned Mail in the Office
No one likes envelopes marked "return to sender." When the carrier drops off Ugly Undeliverables, they get tossed in a box or drawer until someone finds time to deal with them. Ninja, now's the time.


Killer App
For Tech-Overloaded Ninjas: Pen & Paper Are the Real 'Killer App' [PRODUCTIVITY]
Instead of spreadsheets and apps, this company's founder uses notepads and colored pens. She's onto something too—research shows that analog organization has an edge over digital.

How to Beat Generosity Burnout ('Cause Being Selfless at Work Is Exhausting) [CAREER]
Although givers are the most valuable people in organizations, they have the greatest risk of burnout. Sound familiar? It's practically compulsory for Ninjas to be givers, so bookmark these tips!

Mastering Anything Is as Easy as Completing These 3 Steps [LEARNING]
Yep, just three steps. It's called the Feynman Technique and it will help you learn anything deeper—and faster.

How to Introduce & Incorporate New Software Into an Existing Company [OPERATIONS]
The Ninja struggle is real when it comes to introducing new technologies. Human beings are creatures of habit, and this becomes particularly clear in the workplace.

Care to Guess the Key to Workplace Happiness? (It Isn't Money) [CULTURE]
Experts call it the "antithesis of micromanagement," and it's come to be a dominant perk in modern workplaces. Read on to see how you can foster it on your team.

Be a Better Leader By Learning This FBI Negotiation Tactic [COMMUNICATION]
There are two crucial words in every successful negotiation, but getting to them involves a precise methodology. This piece shares exactly how to do it—and three more takeaways from an FBI negotiator.


OfficeNinjas Events
Q1 Admingling Events are About the Two Ps: Productivity & Processes
Bring your laptop! Q1 Adminglings will focus on useful productivity tools and processes to streamline tedious tasks—which will benefit your entire office and make you even stealthier.
Dallas | Austin | San Francisco | Washington DC | New York City | Boston | Seattle

April 26, 2017 👉 Time to Register for the OfficeNinjas Admin Bash
Admin Bash takes place on Administrative Professionals Day—striking the perfect balance between a professional networking event and all-out party.


2017 All-Stars
We know all Ninjas shine—but All-Stars sparkle. If you've got a glowing efficiency aura yourself, ask your colleagues to nominate you as an OfficeNinjas All-Star. We even wrote the request, so all you gotta do is hit send.

Don't know who to ask for a nomination? Don't worry, you can nominate yourself too!


Move over Trello—Notion May Be Doing It Better
This three-in-one task management tool offers clean, visual organization with a drag-and-drop organizer. It also integrates with Slack, giving you updates on your tasks and projects along the way.

Box's 'Notes' Got a Facelift & a Functionality Update
Box's productivity tool—used by a ton of Fortune 500 teams—now lets users view and edit all notes in one browser. This makes collaborating way easier, especially once they roll out a desktop version.

What Makes Zenkit a Killer Alternative to Kanban Boards
Technically, Zenkit does offer the kanban look, but it also allows users to switch between monthly calendar views, itemized lists, or tables. For technical work or projects, this is the way to go.

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