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Phoenix Normand
25 Years as an Executive Assistant & Still Kickin' Butt // Phoenix Normand
After Phoenix shared what EAs think (and wish others knew) on our blog, we thought it couldn’t get any better. It can—now he’s sharing five major reasons he’s stayed in the field for 25 years.

Why Admins Should Heed Warnings of Journalists to Adapt to Work Trends // Melissa Smith
Ever consider the future of executive assistants? If not, it’s time to start, especially since this post examines similarities between journalism and the administrative field.
10 Underrated Tips to Be a Better EA from One Who's Supported Fortune-Ranked Execs // Kiyomi Mizukami
After supporting execs at Sony, MGM, and Fox, Kiyomi collected plenty of great tips that any admin can steal. Good news: you’ve already got #1 down!


Music Affects Productivity
8 Ways Music Affects Your Brain & Enhances Productivity [WORK STYLE]
Apps and hacks can help your productivity go the distance—but music can get you over the finish line. This article tells how music affects your brain and makes you more productive.

When Is a Phone Call Better Than Email? 6 Times to Take it Offline [COMMUNICATION]
We’ll bet Lady Gaga and Beyonce aren’t the only ones who hate the telephone, but here are six instances when you should give someone a call instead of emailing.

How to Handle a Co-worker Who Thinks Their Title Is ‘Boss’ [CO-WORKERS]
Got a co-worker who, to put it diplomatically, has a hard time keeping their leadership tendencies in check? These four tactics will help you deal with the dilemma.

How to Maximize 1:1 Meetings & Benefit Both Parties [MEETINGS]
Meetings get a lot of bad press. Even if it’s just you and your exec, there are ways to make each minute count so a 30-minute session can work wonders for both of you.

10 Starting Points to Improve Your Work (No Matter What You Do) [CAREER]
All Ninjas want to be a better version of themselves, but the path to improvement isn’t always clear. These 10 ideas will help you improve how you work—and the quality of what you do.

The Time You Spend on Social Media Each Year = Reading 200 Books [LIFESTYLE]
How do you feel about reading 200 books a year? If “yikes, nope” was your reaction to that challenge, this article will totally change your thinking.


Q1 Admingling Events Are About the Two Ps: Productivity & Processes
Bring your laptop! Q1 Adminglings will focus on useful productivity tools and processes to streamline tedious tasks—which will benefit your entire office and make you even stealthier.
San Francisco | Washington DC | New York City | Boston | Seattle

April 26, 2017 👉 Time to Register for the OfficeNinjas Admin Bash
Admin Bash takes place on Administrative Professionals Day—striking the perfect balance between a professional networking event and all-out party.


Ninja in the House
OfficeNinjas is rapidly growing in all directions and is in need of some administrative badassery to support internal operations. We know better than anyone how broad admin duty ranges are, so we won’t limit you to a title that confines you to a single lane!
Apply Here

Slowly Lets You Connect with Penpals from Your Phone
This app brings the traditional pen pal experience to your smartphone with text spaces that look like real letters, fun stamp selections, and even delayed sending for pals who live far away.

Memory Solves Time-Tracking Troubles with Its Magical Timeline
Harvard Business Review says companies lose billions of dollars every day from incorrect time tracking. People forget what they worked on—but Memory tracks every single thing in a beautiful timeline.

Sleek & Simple: Meetingbird Helps You Schedule Meetings with One Link
This tool is free for individuals and small teams, but it’s worth $$$ in usefulness. To start scheduling, you just send your link to get the details set in stone. No back-and-forth emails!

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