Rise to upper management…
Rise to upper management…
Greetings, Ninja!

For anyone wanting to break into a leadership role or up their management game, there are plenty of resources. In fact, the sheer amount of available information can be dizzying for the new or hopeful manager who’s trying to build the proverbial car while driving it.

That said, the strongest leaders? They Never. Stop. Learning.

So, do invest in that two-day administrative leadership course. Download ALL the communication skills podcasts for listening while cooking dinner. Go ahead and turn your nightstand into a mini management library.

And for quick, actionable tips you can implement this week — including a step-by-step guide for conducting powerful performance reviews — well, just keep reading.

— OfficeNinjas HQ

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Here’s how to stop dreading performance reviews.
Managing performance reviews isn't exactly a picnic. But with a solid review system in place, performance conversations can leave both parties feeling more clear, motivated, and excited than ever.
Stepping into a new management role can be overwhelming, but every new leader goes through it. These tips can help ease the transition.
"Power without responsibility is a form of sociopathy." Now that we’ve got your attention, learn why self-improving teams — and managers who enable them — come out ahead.

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group work actually productive.
Group work can be frustrating — especially if you expect every member of the group to be the same... The most successful teams comprise five key roles which acknowledge people’s strengths and weaknesses.
Having many different hats at work isn’t the real problem – it’s that we’re trying to wear them all at the same time. If you’re going to try to rewire any of your unproductive habits this year, start with context switching.
Automation anxiety is not a new phenomenon. Future-of-work expert Carl Benedikt Frey explains why it’s time to stop blaming labor-replacing technologies and to start holding policy-makers accountable.
We’ve covered leading performance reviews, now let’s talk about receiving them. Your own review provides a valuable opportunity to zero in on goals for the next year, and get clarity on how to reach them. Before you walk into that room, think about these five things.
The latest trend among Silicon Valley men looking to get ahead in their careers? Optimizing their existence — otherwise known as plastic surgery.

Our Co-Founder Nancy Chen-Salgado celebrated 2020 — the Year of the Rat — in her post last week, and invited newcomers to experience their first Admingling for free as her guest! Learn more about this special invitation and connect with Nancy on LinkedIn.
OfficeNinjas Co-Founder Nancy Chen-Salgado celebrating the Year of the Rat!

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