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Greetings, Ninja!

Let’s give it up for all the working parents.

It’s not easy to meet deadlines, think creatively, or (let’s be honest) make it out the door in matching shoes when you have a young someone counting on you to keep them fed, clean, physically healthy, emotionally nurtured, intellectually stimulated and, well, alive.

If you’re pulling it off, congrats! Pat yourself on the back and say, “I’m a stellar parent and Ninja.”

Feel like you’re in thick of it? Our instructions are the same. You’re great at what you do in and out of the home. In fact, raising a child has likely broadened your perspective, deepened your empathy, and your multitasking skills have never been sharper. You just might like some help strategizing around the myriad challenges that working parents face.

Colleagues of working parents, this is where you come in. You can show your support by fostering an environment that respects and celebrates working parents’ dual roles. Embrace flexibility (it benefits everyone, not just moms and dads). Advocate for family-friendly benefits and health plans (including fertility benefits).

And if patronizing “parentphrasing” ever creeps its way into office communications, squash it — like, you know, a child does their favorite slime into the new rug…

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P.S. The Parenthood at Work Virtual Summit is happening right now. Thanks to our friends at PeopleTech Partners, Ninjas have complimentary access!

Important resources for working parents.
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Register for the Parenthood at Work Virtual Summit today.
Are you the keeper of culture at your company or work closely with those who do?

The Parenthood at Work Virtual Summit, presented by PeopleTech Partners, provides a virtual deep-dive into what leaders and organizations are doing to support parents and families in the workplace, including best practices and emerging innovations for 2020.

Register TODAY to unlock full complimentary access — and learn at your convenience.

Share this important event with your colleagues and HR department!

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