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Career Tip #1: Be Kind ♥
Greetings, Ninja!

Every year during Admin Week, we do our darndest to lure you from your day-to-day just long enough to enrich you with collaborative learning experiences, shower you with indulgent gifts, and fill your soul with pride — for the Admin community and your own invaluable work.

This year, after you know what… we declared that Admin Week 2020 was no longer the time for career development (we’ve all been in hyper learning mode for weeks!) — we only wanted to have fun, fun, fun.

But here’s the funny thing: we did learn a lot.

  • We learned how to reimagine Admin Week for a remote workforce with open minds and total transparency — in just six weeks.
  • Thousands of participating Ninjas from 49 states (Wyoming, give us a call!) taught us that “distance” and “connection” aren’t mutually exclusive.
  • We observed our 2020 All-Stars surpassing their accolades, wowing us with their flexibility, collaboration, and resourcefulness, too.
  • We discovered that giving away over 35 prizes in one day is just as crazy as it sounds. But when you have the kind of ride-or-die vendor partners we do — anything is possible.

And most of all, we learned — from every excited email, celebratory comment, and positive social media interaction — that Ninjas show up for each other. Always. No matter what.

Ninjas are amazing. (Admin Week didn’t teach us that; we’ve known all along.)

— OfficeNinjas HQ

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A gif of winners’ reactions from the OfficeNInjas 2020 Admin Day Mega Raffle.
Admin Week was full of exciting twists and turns — and here’s one more: We’re surprising ONE lucky Ninja with an OfficeNinjas Mystery Box, filled with a variety of premium, limited edition OfficeNinjas gear, including one of our coveted 2020 hoodies. Read our Admin Week Recap and enter today!
Who’s ready for 2020 OfficeNinjas All-Star BINGO?! Print our downloadable Bingo card and play along as you read All-Star Winners’ feature interviews — each brimming with actionable tips + strategies. (Plus, see what the All-Star Admin Week experience was like for them!)
We celebrated Admin Day (April 22) by hosting a Mega Raffle with Ninjas scoring 35+ prizes from some of our favorite brands. Read our recap article for very legit data science on winners’ reactions — and the ONLY U.S. state where no Ninjas entered!

Lauren Mayfield shares an uplifting video tribute to the Admin Community during Admin Week 2020.

Our friends at DoorDash for Business know the secret to a good celebration, virtual or otherwise, includes the promise of delicious food — in this case, prepared by your favorite national and local eateries and delivered right to your door.

Need to feed remote team members or essential staff? Learn about easy team ordering and DoorDash subscription perks.

And DoorDash was a true Admin Week MVP, contributing six Raffle prizes to our celebration and a congratulations gift card to each of our All-Star winners!

Want a quick hit of Ninja appreciation? Check out this uplifting video tribute to the Admin Community from DoorDash’s Lauren Mayfield. (If you’ve attended an Admingling in the last year or two, you may recognize this friendly face!)


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OfficeNinjas HQ is kind of obsessed with gifs, memes, and admin-specific jokes… and our online community is, too! We asked Ninjas to share their favorite gifs and memes on Facebook and they did not disappoint. (Thanks to Brenda H. for this gem!) Add your own favorites to the conversation and let’s keep spreading joy!
Ninja Brenda H. nails the occasional mood of an admin with a spot-on gif.

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