The best way to help is often the simplest...
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The best way to help is often the simplest...
Greetings, Ninja!

When has the phrase, "Cheer up!" ever inspired feelings more genial than mild annoyance?

When you’re riding the edge or down in the dumps, the last thing you want to hear from a friend or coworker is some generic pep talk — even if it is well-meaning. A simple, "That sucks," paired with, "I can see you’re in a tough spot," is far more empathetic.

That said, you may find it heartening to know — and we say this with nary a pom-pom in sight — that tough times often have a way of bringing out the best in people. And under strong leadership (including yours), they galvanize communities and help recalibrate meandering priorities.

— OfficeNinjas HQ

Often, you can help soothe an anxious coworker by simply lending an ear.
When we encounter an anxious colleague, our first instinct may be trying to cheer them up. New research shows there’s a much more effective way to help.
Disasters can offer us the chance to express the best in ourselves. Organizations looking to help can light dark days through practical acts of kindness.
Most upskilling efforts focus on preparation for tech-driven advances. But equipping employees to better cope with change itself may be even more critical.

2020 OfficeNinjas All-Stars participate in a remote team building game presented by The Go Game.
Need a novel way to shrink the distance between remote teams?

2020 OfficeNinjas All-Stars connected across time zones and celebrated their win during a fun(ny) remote team building experience presented by The Go Game.

Learn more about The Go Game and other trusted workplace essentials in our Vendor Marketplace.

Leadership exercises can help you improve communication and build influence.
Want to improve communication (especially in difficult conversations) and build influence? Here are four leadership exercises you can practice right now.
Remote Work
It’s not just you — virtual meetings are draining. Read what science says about this growing phenomenon and ways to help keep your brain alert.
The most common (often loathed) office presentation tool could become the new star of your teen’s weekend — or your next team building experience...
There are always dozens of things that need doing, but it's essential that we find ways to focus on core priorities. Try this exercise for getting your most important work done.
New research shows the presence and actions of robots can affect the way humans relate to other humans — and encourage team members to communicate better.

Watch OfficeNinjas’ playlist of uplifting video tributes to the Admin Community.
Nothing like a few words of well-earned appreciation to help turn around a disappointing day.

How about a whole Youtube playlist of appreciation?

During our recent Admin Week celebration, executives, educators, community thought leaders, and fellow Ninjas showed some major love through their uplifting video tributes to the Admin Community.

Pop in your earbuds and take a quick wellness retreat when you need it. (And do check out our fun Admin Week Recap article if you haven’t!)

🥳Congratulations to our OfficeNinjas Superfans Giveaway winner Amber M.! In our Admin Week Recap article, we invited Ninjas to enter the Giveaway by answering the question: what were some of your biggest delights of Admin Week? And we heard from over 300 Ninjas in the comments! Thank you for sharing your favorite memories with us. ❤️
Congratulations to our OfficeNinjas Superfans Giveaway winner Amber M.

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