We have a question for you...
We have a question for you...
Greetings, Ninja!

Q: How are you?

  1. Good, you?
  2. Fine.
  3. Hanging in there!
  4. Can’t complain.

The idea of asking everyone to complete a quiz like this before hopping on a call is a little silly… or is it? As efficiency aficionados, should we just ditch the questions and get down to business… right?

"How are you?" is pretty useless, we’ll give you that. But questions — the RIGHT questions — can help keep you connected to your executive and team as virtual meeting fatigue takes its toll. (You’re feeling it, too, right?)

Thoughtful questions can also help you collect career-building performance feedback and determine when and how to delegate tasks.

So what, exactly, should you be asking your peers? Your executive? Yourself?

Good question.

— OfficeNinjas HQ

Asking for feedback is critical to your growth and success.
Asking for feedback is the critical step that enables you to gain information and perspective about how others see you. Do you have a feedback request plan?
It can be liberating to realize you don’t have to manage everything yourself. So, what tasks should you be taking off your plate? Ask yourself three key questions to decide.
When we keep asking the same question, or no questions at all, we lose out on a chance for deeper connections with our conversation partners. Here are 11 alternatives to "How are you?"

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to know how good you are at listening? There’s a quiz for that.
Deep listening involves not just listening to the content but also the meaning, context and most importantly, the unsaid. Want to know how good you are at listening? There’s a quiz for that.
Mental Health
Introverts may relish their alone time — but did you know that being introverted has nothing to do with liking alone time? (It was news to us, too.) It turns out that the desire for solitude comes from a different trait altogether.
Emotional Intelligence
Know a special young adult who’s missing out on their prom and graduation this year? Losing these ceremonies is a big deal and they need to grieve. You can help them.
A dirty laptop isn’t just a cosmetic nightmare — it can also cause poor performance and overheating. Here’s how you can clean your laptop properly.
From the oblivious flosser to a naked husband, some truly weird stuff is going down on work video chats these days.

We asked our Facebook community how they’ve been handling their lunchtime since working from home. Though there’s plenty of Ninjas who step away from their desk to eat or take a walk (like Theresa R.) most Ninjas are still eating from their work station.

Add your perspective! Do you find there’s a difference in your productivity, health, or happiness between eating at your desk or stepping away? Is your lunch routine what you want it to be?
Where do
Ninjas eat their WFH lunch?

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