The office as we knew it is gone...
The office as we knew it is gone...
Greetings, Ninja!

At some point, we stopped asking, “When will things go back to normal at work?” and started wondering what “normal” even looks like.

Ninjas will undoubtedly play a key role in reopening offices but we need clear guidelines, new resources, and support in order to hunker down and help manage the you-know-what out of this situation.

Your project plan may still have some empty spaces and TBDs, but here’s a little good news: experts in public health, office design, and employee experience are on the case. They’re the first to admit that we still don’t know what we don’t know, BUT they’re thinking out loud about the safest and most realistic ways to reimagine workspaces and re-engage, post-normal.

And while we keep our distance, respect the holding pattern, and wait for the signal (a lesson in patience for us productivity junkies), we’ll listen, imagine, and plan, too.

— OfficeNinjas HQ


Experts say the office as we knew it is gone.
Experts say the office as we knew it is gone and companies will need one-way hallways, sneeze guards, and other safety measures to let employees return. Here's what it could look like.
During the pandemic, a lot has changed. To make sure your people are prepared to get back to work, hit the reset button with employees on employee experience (EX), communications, and expectations.
Are you helping to facilitate an upcoming office reopen and in need of resources? After more than 50 conversations with HR leaders and government and health officers, Madrona Venture Group created a Safe Work Plan for Back to Work toolkit containing practical resources for CEOs, HR leaders and Facilities Managers.

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Treat your team — or yourself, let’s be honest — to an uplifting care package from the family-owned, award-winning andSons Chocolatiers.

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Networking is awkward for many people, but it doesn’t have to be.
Networking is awkward for many people, but if you adopt a service-based approach, you might learn to hate it less.

Did you know that the hiring process could help predict unethical behavior? Carnegie Mellon professor Taya Cohen explains the connection between moral character and workplace performance.
There's never been another time when it’s been this safe to get vulnerable at work. You’re stressed, anxious, isolated and terrified — but everyone else is, too. Whether you’re a manager eager to guide your team or just a human hoping to keep your head on straight, this collection of sound advice may help ease the path forward.
In this environment of broken routine and uncertainty, chances are your child is showing big feelings and challenging behaviors. A school psychologist offers advice to parents on how to support their child during school closures.
If there’s anything corporate America has a knack for, it’s inventing new, positive words that polish up old, negative ones.

We asked Ninjas on LinkedIn what advice they would give to themselves back in March. Would you set a strict routine from the start? Over-communicate with your team? Get dressed even if you don’t have to? Ninjas shared a wealth of wisdom, including this important message of kindness from Tracey M.
Ninja Tracey M reminds us that kindness is key.

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