Trust isn’t just a feeling, it’s currency...
Trust isn’t just a feeling, it’s currency...
Greetings, Ninja!

The concept of trust often gets wrapped up in emotions, which — don’t get us wrong — are supremely important.

But trust isn’t just a feeling — it’s currency. And, just like cash, it rules everything around us.

When you can trust that your circle of influence wants the best for you (and won’t let you short-change your potential), your professional and personal stock soars. Their encouragement is like a balance transfer that hits your account automatically.

And when the trust is mutual, you’ll find that your colleagues and managers are more likely to invest in your career, whether through monetary compensation or the resources and autonomy to lead in the workplace.

In a sense, your life is richer because of those you trust.

— OfficeNinjas HQ


can help your direct reports or admin team achieve success in growing their leadership potential.
What can you do to help your direct reports or admin team achieve success in growing their leadership potential? Give them free rein on a project, within a framework. Then, let them run things their way.
Every nod, every smile, every virtual interaction can completely change the course of someone else’s day. We can either wield that influence in a positive, or in a negative way.
Turns out, most people are a direct reflection of those around them. If the people around them have lower standards, they drop theirs as well. If the people around them have higher standards, they raise their game.

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Each Admin Week since 2015, we’ve honored five outstanding admin professionals and workplace operators with All-Star distinction, recognizing their exceptional work and commitment. And in 2020, we added a new award category: All-Star Team.

Ninja Susy, beloved OfficeNinjas Mascot and secret gaming fanatic, created this downloadable Bingo card so you can play along while you learn all about our inspiring 2020 OfficeNinjas All-Stars.

We recommend shouting “BINGO!” at nobody in particular when you win, for extra impact.

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Kids, cats, complete chaos. No matter what life or zoom meetings hold, we love this statement from Ninja MistiLynn L on Facebook — “Authenticity is more important than perfection.”

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It’s all about compassion and understanding, as MistiLynn L. reminded us on Facebook!

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