When helping becomes a compulsion…
When helping becomes a compulsion…
Greetings, Ninja!

On any given day, you’re very likely to be on the receiving end of the question: "Can you help with this?" Multiple times, even.

That’s Ninja territory, after all. The people around us need us; we're comfortable there. And, okay, so maaaaybe we get a little rush every time we offer a winning solution. Saving the day is what we do!

Could we, perhaps, be addicted to helping?

Research shows that, with every good deed, the brain emits a combo of mood-boosting hormones. For some helpers, the effect is a nice bonus. For over-helpers, it’s never enough and can lead to feelings of frustration and codependency.

Having a healthy relationship with helping (and that includes being able to ask for help, too) means you can share your gifts with your colleagues, friends, and family members AND respect your time and energy.

Not sure how to help yourself on this one? Don’t worry... we’ve got you.

— OfficeNinjas HQ

🎧 P.S. These guys know what it’s like.


Most people are willing and able to help — if you ask.
Most people are, in fact, willing and able to help — if you ask. Learning to ask for what we need is easier once we update our beliefs based on research evidence.
Many introverts struggle with asking for help, even when they know they really need it. Here’s why — and how to start speaking up.
When our need to "help" becomes so insatiable that our sense of purpose is tied directly to others — specifically, them needing our guidance — it’s no longer other people that we are helping. It’s ourselves.

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Create a workplace where people from varied backgrounds thrive.
Creating a workplace where people from varied backgrounds thrive doesn’t end with hiring. The final, crucial piece of the puzzle is fostering a sense of belonging across the entire company. Here’s how you can contribute.
Gender should be the least remarkable thing about someone, but transgender people are still too often misunderstood. This funny, frank talk clears up a few misconceptions about pronouns, transitioning, bathrooms and more.
Black HR professionals are in a unique position as they navigate their feelings and experience, while supporting companies making their own progress toward racial equity and justice.
An executive coach shares principles you can use to help employees manage their feelings on returning to work in this next phase of the pandemic.
We want to know what’s going on in the world and our communities — we want to stay informed and do something. But with that can come distracting anxiety. Here are four tips for controlling your attention.

Carving out dedicated time for self-care has never felt more necessary.
How Do You Relax? »
Carving out dedicated time for self-care has never felt more necessary. And each of us at ONHQ has our own way of decompressing…
  • Barb loves to unwind with Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix, for a heaping helping of armchair travel, culinary temptation, and pure hilarity.
  • Edwin likes to get loose with the help of his massaging, kneading, and stretching trifecta.
  • Jenessa ends her day with a hot shower and The Boiler Room: A My So-Called Life Podcast, wherein its hosts offer a 2020 examination of the iconic 90s teen drama TV series My So-Called Life.
  • Kristin tumbled down a YouTube hole and landed on this fine art restoration channel, where she finds tranquility in watching antique paintings get their glow up.
  • When Nancy wants to relax, she reaches for the herb: lavender, that is. From body lotions to beverages, she enjoys all lavender-infused experiences.
  • Sam takes some me time with podcast Newcomers: Star Wars, with Lauren Lapkus & Nicole Byer, in which hosts watch Star Wars for the first time and provide very silly commentary.
  • Sarah gets physical by doing choreographer Ryan Heffington’s Sweatfest, a virtual dance class hosted on Instagram. (And by "doing" she means mostly watching with the occasional boogie.)
  • Susette refused to watch Modern Family during its heyday, after an old boyfriend swore she sounded just like Sofia Vergara. But she finally caved, and it’s become her favorite escape after a full day of work and keeping the kids alive.
>> Now, we want to hear from you! Hit reply to this email and tell us your favorite way to practice self-care. We’ll share Ninja submissions in upcoming newsletters!

(Illustration by Ashley Lukashevsky. See more on Instagram.)

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