Heroes deserve more than our praise...
Heroes deserve more than our praise...
Greetings, Ninja!

We’re all familiar with the typical Hero’s Journey:

Embracing high stakes and impossible odds, Hero sets out on an adventure that promises victory… and danger. Hero trudges forth, confronts obstacles with some close calls, and narrowly averts demise. Hero saves the day! Hero is celebrated! After the parade passes, Hero is left to endure the ensuing physical and mental scars, alone, until called on once again...

That makes for a riveting narrative, sure, but… who here wants to live and work this way?

More importantly, do we actually need to?

What if the Hero had an engaged coalition — a collective of heroes, say — to share the responsibility so that one person isn’t made to single-handedly save the day?

Even still, heroism by the collective — or the repeated heroism by occupant after occupant of a given role (ahem, Ninjas) — indicates a failure of the surrounding system.

That is, Heroes exist because something is wrong.

So, let’s be careful with Heroes, whether we’re celebrating their triumphs or donning the cape ourselves.

Because Heroes deserve more than our praise. They deserve not to be Heroes.

— OfficeNinjas HQ


Heroes go above and beyond.
We love to exalt heroic individuals. But in this historical moment, collective heroism is best suited to the challenges we face.
Moral rebels speak up in all types of situations – to tell a bully to cut it out, to confront a friend who uses a racist slur, to report a colleague who engages in corporate fraud. What enables someone to call out bad behavior, even if doing so may have costs?
For any leader, the ongoing presence of heroes is both a cause for celebration and a reason for deep concern, because it indicates a failure of the wider system.

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As you may know, all 2020 OfficeNinjas in-person events are currently on hold, due to health and safety concerns and event mandates. We look forward to a future when we can safely gather once again.

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* Proper precautions include outdoor venues (when seasonally appropriate), social distancing, limited entry, required masks, single-serve meals/snacks, hand washing stations, and more.

Leaders also have the opportunity to be anti-racist and inclusive in their daily interactions.
Critical systems-level changes are needed to combat bias and racism in everything from education and product building to hiring and performance reviews. But leaders also have the opportunity to be anti-racist and inclusive in their daily interactions.
How can we better understand the human impact of the coronavirus? How can businesses cultivate empathy for the realities people are facing? This toolkit offers a blueprint for action for any business wrestling with re-emerging from shelter-in-place orders.
LGBTQ+ seniors are more than twice as likely to live alone, but many have created strong communities to replace the family support they have lost. They lend their wisdom for how to cope during isolation.
What would have been extraordinary only a few years ago — a corporate leader weighing in on a divisive political issue — has now become expected. But CEOs have yet to advocate for policy solutions, focusing instead on their own corporate and personal values.
Emotional Intelligence
We often think of gaslighters as having a well-defined endgame, and many people do use it as a form of intentional emotional abuse. But it’s equally possible that you’re disempowering others without intentionally meaning to.

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