Workplace humor doesn’t have to be a comedy of errors...
Workplace humor doesn’t have to be a comedy of errors...

We’ve all seen workplace humor go terribly wrong...

  • The meeting leader’s awkward opening one liner met with blank stares. *cringe*
  • A never-ending inside joke that alienates everyone else in your department. *forced smile*
  • That inappropriate anecdote to which the only reasonable response is a written warning from HR. (We hope you’ve never been stuck in the audience for this one.)

Yikes! Is sharing a hilarious gif on Slack even worth it anymore?

Yes. Research shows that using humor at work can foster social cohesion among coworkers, breed creativity, and bolster your reputation as a leader.

What separates good humor from poor taste is proper context, of course.

Remaining sensitive to what’s happening at your organization and in the world. Accounting for your audience’s interpersonal dynamics. Appreciating the value of good timing.

Sharing a laugh together can be a treat on the best of days and therapy on the worst. So, use your humor to win over/inspire/lighten/unite the room.

Just remember: it's not so much about being funny — it's about being open to joy.

— OfficeNinjas HQ


is great for our brains.
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