Skipping vacation could be hazardous to your health...
Skipping vacation could be hazardous to your health...

Over the past few months, we’ve learned a LOT about how to work during a pandemic. So, let’s move onto the next obvious challenge: vacation.

Yes, vacation. You need it. We all need it. Even now — ESPECIALLY now. And if you’re a manager? Make it a priority to encourage your team members to take time away. Research shows that time off from work can help recoup productivity (raise your hand if you’ve felt just a bit unfocused lately) and, more importantly, help you live longer.

Of course, the idea of getting away brings up all kinds of safety concerns. Is it safe to fly? What about road trips? Should you stay in an AirBnB? Luckily, doctors, researchers, and epidemiologists are on the case (who needs vacay more than them?) and sharing their thoughts.

Opinions vary, but chances are your 2020 getaway will need to look a little different than past years’. But, even if you use them to work through the unread books on your shelf or immerse yourself in a new hobby, don’t let those valuable PTO days gather dust or disappear.

Take a break!

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vacation is worth more than a chance to relax in the sun.
Taking a vacation is not only an opportunity to relax, see new places, and try new things — it may also help you live longer, according to research.
Buzzfeed asked coronavirus experts about their summer plans — and if it's safe to fly, rent an Airbnb, swim in a pool, or dine outside. Their responses varied greatly.
While the number of hours worked is soaring during the pandemic, people’s capacity to focus and produce quality work is diving. Here are six strategies for managers on how to approach vacations when so much of the workforce is working from home.

There’s a lot we can learn from the 2020 OfficeNinjas All-Stars.
Not only are they star-worthy, our 2020 OfficeNinjas All-Star winners are resilient. Need some new ideas for surviving and thriving in these times?

Read our in-depth interviews with each one, for valuable insights from their winning programs and strategies that you can start implementing right away.

Get your pen and notebook ready if you’ve been wanting to…
  • Position yourself as a strategic business partner to your executives
  • Build a culture of collaboration and mutual respect within your Admin team
  • Form an Employee Resource Group in your organization
  • Try a new way to overcome a disastrous day

Settle in and prepare for your inspiration (and heart) to swell!


Great mentorship isn't just about sharing subject-matter expertise.
Mentees aren’t just learning concrete skills from their mentors. The best mentors pass on something that goes far beyond subject-matter expertise.
Decades of data show experiencing racism can wage a serious psychological toll, jeopardize health, and even accelerate biological aging.
Having to communicate in a language other than your native tongue can be tough without preparation. Here are specific tactics non-native English speakers can use to handle in-the-moment challenges.
Planning a company retreat this year has its obvious hurdles. One organization analyzed three main challenges — logistics, timezone, and emotional health — and designed solutions to meet those needs.
The way that you deal with every little bit of surprise, drama, and disappointment is only setting you up for how you’re going to deal with the next one.

How do you get through the non-stop days? Ninja Ashley N. shared a groovy way to release the day’s tension. Add your voice to the conversation and share your strategies with our LinkedIn community!
When I feel overwhelmed I… dance it out.

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