Empathy is a muscle and it grows with exercise.
Empathy is a muscle and it grows with exercise.

Here’s a fun daily workout challenge to try this week:

25 burpees
50 push-ups
75 squats
25 pages from a work of fiction
2 hours of group storytelling

Wondering about the last two? Those exercises are for the brain, for strengthening mental health and emotional intelligence.

Like biceps, empathy, emotional resilience, and a sense of purpose and belonging respond to certain stimuli. But we’re not talking about Sudoku or other "brain games" typically recommended to increase cerebral fortitude. This mental workout is nuanced and more, well… human.

It has to be. To make sense of our experiences and empathize with others, we need to exercise curiosity for people, real and fictional, bending our ear to hear their stories.

Unlike burpees, you probably won’t break a sweat on this one. But you will be uncomfortable. And you will grow stronger.

— OfficeNinjas HQ

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