Your Ninja future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades!
Greetings, Ninja!

We’ve seen the future of the workplace. And all we can say is you’re gonna need shades!

Seriously, Ninja. Things are changing, but our smart, scrappy, ultra-versatile, super adaptable community is more than ready. First of all, there’s no reason to fear AI; yes, it’s eliminating tasks, but it’s actually creating jobs.

And those (increasingly empty) suburban office parks? Companies are adapting to a younger workforce that wants to be in the downtown mix, with nearby culture and walkable lunch options. Sounds pretty good to us!

What else does the future hold for Ninjas? Whatever it is, consider it handled!

Rock on!
OfficeNinjas HQ


AI is Changing the Workplace
How AI Is Changing the Way Companies Are Organized
AI influences how organizations hire, train, and function—but there’s still a place for people in the office. Read this article to understand how technology eliminates tasks—not jobs.

Companies Are Heading to Urban Areas & There’s a Good Reason Why
Suburban office parks are a thing of the past. If popular companies aren’t heading for the city, they’re modeling campuses after hip urban areas. And guess who’s driving the change?

The Next Blue-Collar Job Category Is Already Here & It May Surprise You
What if the next big blue-collar job category is already here—and it’s programming? What if we regarded coding as the equivalent of skilled work at a Chrysler plant?


No Set Hours
Why It’s Time to Rethink the 40-Hour Work Week [PRODUCTIVITY]
It’s been the standard for over a century, but the 40-hour work week just doesn’t work anymore. This piece covers how to replace it by focusing on productivity instead of time.

Facebook’s City Guides May Become Your New Travel Companion [TRAVEL]
Facebook introduced a new feature that gives users suggestions for events and places to visit in cities across the globe. These “city guides” could help beef up team offsites or business travel.

12 Morning & Evening Routines That’ll Prep Your Days for Success [ROUTINES]
Morning and evening routines prime you for success. They help you achieve more, think clearly, and do work that actually matters. These 12 examples can help get you in a new groove.

How Generosity Can Help You Slow Down & Appreciate Your Time [BALANCE]
When you don’t appreciate the moments in between things, it’s easy to hurry through the day. The problem? This is a clear path to burning out, but this article offers a solution.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Fight with Your Co-Workers Sometimes [CONFLICT]
Avoiding conflict at work is a priority for a lot of Ninjas—but sometimes a little verbal boxing can be good. This piece covers three strategies to use disagreements to move things forward.


Admin Bash
Time to Sign up for the OfficeNinjas Admin Bash!
Admin Bash takes place on Administrative Professionals Day—striking the perfect balance between a professional networking event and all-out party.

Be Part of our Admingling Events Team!
Admingling events are happening across the country, and we’re looking for rockstar Ninjas to help shape each event. Get a behind-the-scenes look and be the FIRST to know everything. Want to be a part of the takeover? Volunteer with the OfficeNinjas events crew!


OfficeNinjas All-Stars
We know all Ninjas shine—but All-Stars sparkle. If you’ve got a glowing efficiency aura yourself, ask your colleagues to nominate you as an OfficeNinjas All-Star. We even wrote the request, so all you gotta do is hit send.

Don’t know who to ask for a nomination? Don’t worry, you can nominate yourself too!


Evapolar Air Cooler
Toasty Office? Evapolar Will Cool It down, Just for You
Evapolar creates a personal microclimate just for you. This sleek little cube cools, humidifies, and purifies air for up to six hours at a time.

Perpetual Calendar or Work of Art?
Tired of tossing your calendar out every year? This elegant solution—created for the Museum of Modern Art—marks the month and day with magnetic balls instead of ink.

Going Green Takes a New Meaning with These Plantable Pencils
Yep, you read that correctly. Once these pencils are too short to write with, you can plant the stubby leftover—it’ll grow into an herb!

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