We haven’t asked yet, but Susy would probably give these featured products a thumbs-up too.
Greetings, Ninja!

Quick poll: how often do you hear these phrases throughout the day?

“Question for you…”
“Can I ask you something?”
“Do you know who/what/where/when/why…”

We’d bet our nunchucks that it’s at least once an hour. As the resident Ninja, you’re expected to have all the answers. And most of the time you do!

But what happens when you need a bit of advice yourself? So many admins are a department of one, which can make getting Ninja-specific guidance tricky.

Enter Susy, OfficeNinjas’ official advice columnist! She’s your go-to for everything from the most effective scheduling protocols to navigating awkward office politics.

Got a burning question? Go ahead—Ask Susy!

Rock on!
OfficeNinjas HQ

Ask Susy
Ask Susy: How to Keep up with Training at My Fast-Paced Job
Fast-paced jobs are the norm, and admins have to adopt technologies on the fly. Here’s how to tackle training fast—without losing confidence.

Ask Susy: What Are Your Best Tips for Scheduling Board Meetings?
Finding one meeting time that works for all your board members seems daunting. With these Ninja-tested tips, it’s entirely possible.

Ask Susy: Help! I’m Nervous to Train a New, More Experienced Executive Assistant
Training someone who has double your experience without feeling insecure about your program is a tricky situation, but you can benefit from it too.


Write Positive Emails
6 Ways to Write Emails That Don’t Make People Silently Resent You [EMAILS]
Uh oh … we’re hardwired to read emails in a more negative tone than they actually have. Luckily, these writing tips will help you get your message across—without being disliked. 

Why Off-Site Meetings Reinforce Long-Term Strategic Plans [OFF-SITES]
The most successful companies are driven by a well-defined set of goals—and they’re reinforced, monitored, and measured. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

3 Hotels Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Guest Experience [TRAVEL TECH]
Curious about a hotel bot’s capabilities? Read on—the AI concierge may be your (or your exec’s) new best friend when traveling.
What Can You Expect in the Rest of 2017’s Workplace? [FUTURE OF WORK]
HR experts and employment lawyers have six big predictions for the year—on things like overtime, annual raises, tracking efficiency, and performance reviews.

Being spread across the world has its pros and cons, but these tips (with collaboration tool suggestions) can be applied to any team to improve communication and maximize productivity.

Admin Bash
✨ Time to Sign up for the OfficeNinjas Admin Bash on April 26! ✨
Admin Bash takes place on Administrative Professionals Day—striking the perfect balance between a professional networking event and all-out party.

Up Next for Admingling: Cracking Company Culture
OfficeNinjas’ quarterly Adminglings arm Ninjas with the power of collective intelligence. But these city-specific events aren’t all discussion and networking time—they come loaded with delicious food and tasty beverages that keep the mood light.

AustinAtlanta (coming soon) | Boston | Chicago | DallasDenver (coming soon) | London (coming soon) | New York | San FranciscoSeattle | Silicon Valley | Washington DC

OfficeNinjas All-Stars
We know all Ninjas shine—but All-Stars sparkle. If you’ve got a glowing efficiency aura yourself, ask your colleagues to nominate you as an OfficeNinjas All-Star. We even wrote the request, so all you gotta do is hit send.

Don’t know who to ask for a nomination? Don’t worry, you can nominate yourself too!


Bevi Water Cooler
Water Coolers for Today’s Offices
An eco-friendly, flavored healthy water cooler that never runs out. Too good to be true? Enter Bevi, the aqua upgrade your team’s missing. Psst, it’s good for setting team health goals too! 

It’s Time Office Kitchens Experience an Intelligent Oven
June Oven heats up three times faster than the ol’ standby and uses a camera to perfect what you’re cooking. Plus, it comes with an app, so you can monitor temps and see when it’s grub time.

People Gotta Eat, so Robots Gotta Cook
Chowbotics builds robots that prepare food with improved health and sanitation. Automation gives users complete control over calories, ingredients, and proportions—unless your bot sneaks a bite. 😉

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