Greetings, Ninja!

With Admin Week right around the corner, OfficeNinjas HQ is in total BEAST MODE. We’re talking about an all hands on deck, roll up your sleeves, full-court press type of situation. And guess what? We LOVE it. Ninjas thrive under pressure (you get it).

Because we’re currently spinning a whole lotta plates, we’ll cut right to the chase and give you our top three updates:

Admin Bash – Have we mentioned this party sells out? Every year? Nobody digs FOMO, and we’re nearing capacity, so get your tickets today!

OfficeNinjas Tees – It’s not just a t-shirt; it’s a statement. If you want your OfficeNinjas original in time for Admin Day, order no later than April 7th!

FedEx Small Business Grant – Help us do MORE awesome stuff with a small business grant from FedEx. Today is the LAST DAY to vote for OfficeNinjas! Can we count on you?

Now you’re all up to speed! Don’t mind us while we dash back to the office…

You Rock!
OfficeNinjas HQ


OfficeNinjas Tees
OfficeNinjas Tees for Sales—Last Chance!
Stealthy members of this community came together to thumbs-up THREE T-shirt designs that spice up admin wardrobes, cause you’re undeniably admazing. Order by April 7!

FedEx Grant Contest Ends TODAY! We Need Your Vote, Ninja!
OfficeNinjas entered the FedEx Small Business Grant competition to bring you more events, content, resources, and surprises. Voting takes three seconds, but you’ve only got one day left to do it!

The Final Admin Bash Countdown: Less Than a Month!
We’re getting close to capacity—so sign up ASAP! Ninjas from Washington DC, Dallas, NYC, and more are all heading to SF (where OfficeNinjas got started) to celebrate the FIFTH annual Admin Bash!


Multitasking Causes a 40% Hit in Productivity, but You Can Break the Habit [WORKFLOW]
The world wants to steal your attention, Ninja. You’ll probably always juggle a dozen hats, but these five ways to break multi-tasking habits can help with everything else.

An Emotionally Intelligent Computer May Have an ‘EQ’ Higher Than Yours [FUTUREOFWORK]
Computers have no emotional entanglements—which gives them the advantage when it comes to social cues and emotions. Don’t worry;, this will only help you do your job better.
How Ninjas Can Read More Books This Year, According to Research [LEARNING]
The benefits of flexing your reading muscles are clear—but lounging with a paperback is also time - consuming. Luckily, Harvard whizzes found seven ways to improve your literary habits.

6 Notable Ways Technology Will Affect More Than How You Get Work Done [TECHNOLOGY]
Yep, your workplace is changing. But so is how you escape, unwind, stand out, get smart, and enjoy life. This article will prepare to capitalize on technological effects that may scare others.

Successful Careers Start by Peeling Potatoes (Hear Us out on This One) [GROWTH]
Crummy, tedious, exhausting jobs make you understand how hard they are. Each helps you appreciate the complexity of the systems that make up successful companies.

These 5 Qualities Are Consistent in Secret Weapons of the Modern Office [WORK SKILLS]
Conventional wisdom holds that to succeed, you need to be bold, outgoing, and highly energetic—unless you’re an employee with these secret-weapon skills.

You Should Cut Qualifiers from Your Vocabulary—Starting with These [COMMUNICATION]
Pros in every profession are guilty of using these phrases, but admins in particular should nix them from conversations. Don’t worry, there are a few suggestions to say instead!

Does Your Company Need a Director of Getting Sh*t Done? [CULTURE]
With lots of moving parts and growing teams, it’s important to distinguish between good and bad processes—which is exactly why this company created the Czar of Bad Systems role.


Up Next for Admingling: Cracking Company Culture
OfficeNinjas’ quarterly Admingling events arm Ninjas with the power of collective intelligence. But these city-specific events aren’t all discussion and networking time—they come loaded with delicious food and tasty beverages that keep the mood light. Signup for an upcoming event!

April 12 Austin
May 3 Dallas | May 9 Washington DC | May 11 Chicago | May 16 Boston |
May 18 New York | June 7 London 

Daily Yoga
The Free Yoga App That’'ll Help You Finally Keep up with a Daily Fitness Routine
Daily Yoga inspires yogis (and future ones!) with the largest yoga pose base, more than 100 classes, and scheduled plans that suit all levels. OM-mazing, huh?

Research-Backed Music to Help Your Brain Focus, Relax, or Get Goin’’s got the heart of a musician and the brain of a neuroscientist—which means every beat and note is composed with different mental states in mind (no pun intended).

This Interactive Meditation App Can Help You Master Mindfulness
Sway puts mindfulness in motion through an interactive app that tracks your movements and gives feedback to help you improve focus and learn new techniques.

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