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Apps, software, and office technology are revolutionizing the way we do our jobs, but some things will never change—like performance reviews and the need for team-building initiatives.

No matter how high-tech our day-to-day gets, we’ll always want honest feedback to continue growing. In addition to that, no project management system can take the place of solid working relationships.

So even though that tried-and-true duo isn’t budging, it doesn’t mean you have to use 2005’s review template or whip out the same tired icebreakers. Lucky for you, we love a good wheel reinvention—so we’re sharing a few ideas to make these workplace clunkers new again.

And speaking of job revolutions—this is your *LAST CHANCE* to get tickets for Admin Bash! Trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

Rock on!
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Team Building & Team Performance Aren't the Same—but You Can Achieve Both  
Team-building activities date back to the 1920s, but they’re still relevant—especially in terms of what makes them effective in the first place. Read on to learn what that magic mix includes.   

When Candid Doesn’t Cut It: Why Your Team Needs an Official Feedback Framework  
Imagine you start a new job in July but don’t hear about your performance until there’s snow on the ground. This is the norm in many companies—and it’s time to challenge that status quo.  


Reduce Stress
3 Small Things Ninjas Can Do to Reduce Stress in Their Offices [HAPPINESS]  
Three subtle—but powerful—strategies to nail down pressure and ensure you’re not subjecting your colleagues to undue stress and frustration.

8 Ways to Get Along with Your Team When Personalities Clash [CULTURE]  
The result of different personalities all working on the same team — sometimes in high-pressure situations — is that clashes happen. Been there? 
Your Ability to Focus Has Probably Peaked—Here’s How to Stay Sharp [PRODUCTIVITY]  
Researchers say our ability to pay attention is equal parts focusing and ignoring—but irrelevant information bogs down our ability to suppress distraction as we age.
How Companies Can Embrace Digital Nomadism With Innovative Vacation Policies [REMOTE]  
Telecommuting and flexible vacation policies have become a standard negotiation point for high-quality talent, so companies are finally starting to tackle the “vacation problem.”  

How Driverless Cars Could Take over the Airline Industry for Good [TECHNOLOGY]  
Self-driving cars could hit roads in just a few years—which means flying experiences as you know them could be completely different in less than 15.

📣 Admingling Takes on Company Culture, You Want In?  
OfficeNinjas’ quarterly Admingling events arm Ninjas with the power of collective intelligence. But these city-specific events aren’t all discussion and networking time—they come loaded with delicious food and tasty beverages that keep the mood light.  

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Ask Susy
Got something on your mind?
Susy, the OfficeNinjas resident advice guru, will ponder your top-secret questions and office musings and then share her wisdom in letter form. 

Recipe Mug Set
The One-Mug Upgrade Your Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Needs  
Amazing things come in small packages, especially if they’re named El Burrito or Chocolate Lava Cake. Cheers to quick office eats!   

You Make Decisions All Day—When It Comes to Spoon or Fork, Don't Choose  
The Light My Fire Titanium spork is definitely the most sophisticated of lunch utensils since it’s biocompatible with human skin, dishwasher safe, and way more durable than your plastic go-to.
Express Your Blasé Attitude in Style & Drink More Water in the Process  
Do any of these sayings look familiar? Either way, it’s time your boring water bottle got a sarcastic upgrade.
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