It’s official—we’re in pre-party mode.
Greetings, Ninja!

We know we keep saying Admin Week is almost here … But, really, it’s almost here! With only three days to go, we’re in the virtual “pre-party” phase.

Throughout Admin Week, we’ll reveal 2017’s OfficeNinjas All-Stars, raffle off tons of prizes, and host a killer Bash in San Francisco. And to help us get the party started, our friends at Moshi are joining for a pre-Admin Week giveaway.

Enter TODAY to win $200 worth of Moshi’s stunning, tech-friendly accessories!

Set your calendar reminders, dust off your party shoes, and tell all your Ninja friends that Admin Week is (really) almost here! We can’t wait to celebrate YOU and this incredible community!

Rock on!
OfficeNinjas HQ


Admin Week
Prediction: Admin Week 2017 Will Be Next-Level ADMAZING!  
We’ve brainstormed, researched, and taste-tested. We’ve scoured the market for perfect partners and searched the globe for the shiniest All-Stars. Let’s look at what’s on tap…

Heads up, Ninjas! 15 FLASH RAFFLE Prizes Are Coming Your Way  
Go big or go home—that’s the saying, right? We’re not huge on cheesy adages, but we do believe in going big when it comes to Admin Week 2017’s Flash Raffle Giveaways.

How to Boost Your EQ & Survive the AI Revolution  
As machines take over tasks traditionally performed by admins, emotional intelligence will be a career essential—and these five programs can boost your EQ.


Google AI
Here’s What Google’s AI Can Do & How You Can Improve It [TECHNOLOGY] 
Google’s products increasingly rely on machine learning—but the company also hopes people will dig into the open-source software to make it even better.

Understanding Your Quantifiable Self & How It Can Help Tackle Your Day [PRODUCTIVITY] 
All of us have different goals, different work styles, different priorities. The only constant factor is this: We want to do more important work, with better results, in less time.

The Jig’s up—There Are 7 Key Differences Between Pros & Amateurs [CAREER]  
Success in any field is more about commitment to a process than finding one magic trick that will make it all come together—and real pros do these seven things.

How to Run a Team Meeting Based on 4 Philosophies That Work [MEETINGS]  
A shoddy company-wide meeting reflects directly on you. It damages your leadership cred. Looking for a solution?  

Not Leadership Material? Good—the World Needs Followers [LEADERSHIP] 
“If college admissions offices show us whom and what we value, then we seem to think that the ideal society is composed of Type As.”  


📣 Admingling Takes on Company Culture, You Want In?  
OfficeNinjas’ quarterly Admingling events arm Ninjas with the power of collective intelligence. But these city-specific events aren’t all discussion and networking time—they come loaded with delicious food and tasty beverages that keep the mood light.  

Click your city to see when the next event is headed your way!  
Atlanta | Austin | Boston | Chicago | Dallas | Denver | London | New York | San Francisco | Seattle | Silicon Valley | Washington DC


Moshi bag
Time to Upgrade Your Work Bag? Choose a Slim & Versatile Contender  
Venturo—that’s the name of this weather-resistant crossbody sling bag for all your work essentials. Bonus points for padded straps and back support!  

Keep the Joe Flowin’ & Nobody Gets Hurt  
Wish your coffee would magically appear every morning? It can with this coffee maker enabled by Wi-Fi. Set brew times and reminders from your phone before you even get out of bed. 👌  

A Multi-Functional Keyboard for Your Multi-Talented Self  
This Bluetooth multi-device keyboard works like you do—all over the place, according to whatever is needed. Switch between your devices with ease, there’s even a built-in phone or tablet holder!  

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