Ownership is everything...
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Ownership is everything...

To every leader who champions a growth mindset and wants to change their company’s culture to one of individual ownership and perpetual learning, we say this:

Gird your loins.

You’re in for some uncomfortable, brain-bending, messy work. You will make mistakes. In fact, you must make mistakes. Publicly. And if you want to see real, meaningful change, you’re going to have to lead with trust, because…

  • You can’t ask people to "think big" without allowing room for failure.
  • You can’t demand engagement without relinquishing authority.
  • You can’t create a learning culture without demonstrating your own vulnerability.

But you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, the sooner you embrace and accept just how humbling meaningful evolution can be — the faster you’ll find yourself in lockstep with your team, bravely building that culture, together.

— OfficeNinjas HQ

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Failure is essential to successfully building new habits.
While failing may not exactly be atop your to-do list for 2022, it’s essential to successfully building new habits.
The key to cultivating a culture of empowerment and accountability? Cultivating a culture of ownership.
Learning requires the ability to take calculated risks without fear of the repercussions. That can’t happen without psychological safety.

Nominations Close Tomorrow
It might feel way outside your comfort zone to nominate yourself for an OfficeNinjas All-Star Award. Be brave — you deserve YOUR chance to shine.

And tomorrow is the LAST DAY to throw your hat in the ring.

So, set aside some time today to tell us about how you’ve partnered with your team, your execs, heck, YOURSELF — to reach for your organization’s goals.

Let’s celebrate your accomplishments together.
Don’t let this opportunity go by!

Create a company culture that supports truth-telling.
You can’t force people to tell the truth. But you can create a culture that supports truth-telling by embracing an incremental approach.
In a candidate’s job market (during "The Great Resignation," no less), the usual recruiting processes are in need of a serious reboot.
Could Mick Jagger really not "get no satisfaction," or did he just want too much?
You can spend endless hours navel-gazing to find your perfect job, or you can ask yourself three questions.
Mental Health
Anxiety is persistent. But to stop it before it starts, try these four simple techniques.

Apply To UC Berkeley
Your manager and team are looking to you to make higher-value contributions, now more than ever.

But how do you seek and define your authentic style as a strategic partner, when everything is changing so fast?

Developing leadership presence in a support role means mastering skills in relationship building, influencing, and storytelling to break through the barriers.

The good news? Our UC Berkeley Administrative Leadership & Communication Program will help you realize your abilities as a leader. And both you and your organization will get huge payoffs — in tangible outcomes, mindset shifts, and a renewed sense of confidence and purpose.

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2019 OfficeNinjas All-Star Zoila Primo reminding us of what can be accomplished when we build together, as a team. Visit the All-Star Hall of Fame for more winner wisdom. (Psst… We’re accepting nominations for 2022 All-Stars until TOMORROW Mar 25.)
Zoila Primo 2019 All-Star

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