Getting there is NOT half the fun…
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Getting there is NOT half the fun…

Research shows that the biggest draw of remote work isn’t the lax dress code, day-long kitchen access, or pet-inclusive Zooms. As far as workers are concerned, the biggest benefit of working from home is the absence of a commute.

Getting to the office has become increasingly time-consuming, expensive, and generally unpleasant. Housing costs have pushed many professionals further and further away from employment hubs — a problem that’s only compounded by underfunded transportation infrastructure. And we won’t even talk about fuel prices…

So, that settles it. We all should just work from home!

Of course, that’s not an option for every worker, right?

For some industries, like hospitality and entertainment, remote work has never been an option. As a result, the people working in these spaces were disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Yet, the emergency protective measures that were put in place did not favor them. And they’re still feeling the effects.  

The last two years didn’t just teach us that we’d be happier with the option to work from home. It also exposed bigger problems that must be addressed for the health and safety of all workers.

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The biggest gift of remote work is not commuting.
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