After eight cities, we’ve seen some incredible things.
Greetings, Ninja!

What’s the only thing more powerful than Ninjas’ skills? Their minds. And when those minds come together in a unique venue with great food and admin-specific discussion topics, the potential is limitless.

This week, we’re taking a look back at the first quarter’s Admingling events. After eight cities, it’s clearer than ever that the power of Admingling doesn’t come from the top down—it originates from each and every Ninja who shares their thoughts and experiences.

Hope to see you at the next event!

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Q1 Admingling Recap
How Collective Intelligence Powered the First Quarter of Admingling 2017  
The first quarter of Admingling 2017 was spent uniting Ninjas in eight cities and exploring processes that skyrocket productivity. Take a look!


Get a Better Glympse of Travel Times  
Need to keep tabs on the exec’s whereabouts? Or see how far colleagues are from a meeting? Enter Glympse—a simple way to share GPS locations of employees, customers, or entire workforces.

Ninja-Trusted Collaboration, Without All the Hoops
If your team is remote or distributed, using one link to sync up will make collaborating, sharing screens, or catching up so much easier. No registration, no downloads, no worries.  

Slack Upgrade: Use Tettra to Share & Document Team Info 
Tettra, a centralized wiki that lives inside Slack, keeps all your company’s information, documents, and specs straight (and easy to locate later).


Julia Child
What One of the World’s Best Chefs Can Teach You About Communication [COMMUNICATION]
Julia Child mastered the world of television by understanding her audience and letting her personality shine. And you can steal her tactics.

The Secret to Taming a Busy Life? Being Quiet [PRODUCTIVITY] 
It’s probably the last thing you want to hear, but science shows that the busier you are, the more you need a few moments of silence.

Are You Doing a Routine Career Check-Up? [WORK SKILLS]
It’s easy to get so bogged down at work that you forget to ask a simple question: will you still be employable in a decade? 

You (Yes, You Ninja!) Hold One of the World’s Most Valuable Resources [TECHNOLOGY]
It’s like The Matrix. Nowadays, companies and countries aren’t scrambling for oil or natural resources; they want your data.

How You Can Become More Positive This Week [HAPPINESS]
Want to retrain your brain? Give at least one of these tips a try for the next seven days, and see if your world’s a little brighter.  


📣  Admingling Takes on Company Culture, You Want In?  
OfficeNinjas’ quarterly Admingling events arm Ninjas with the power of collective intelligence. But these city-specific events aren’t all discussion and networking time—they come loaded with delicious food and tasty beverages that keep the mood light.  

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