Dedicated to Our London Ninjas
Greetings, Ninja!
If you think about it, Ninjas were built for investing.
Our fingers—on the pulse.
Our earsto the ground.
Our feetwe’re always thinkin’ on ‘em.
Our eyeson the long game.
And while we’re sure you’ve got a handle on your stock portfolio, we’re actually talking about investing in your company’s culture. Of course you’ve been tasked with seeking out new perks and drumming up office moraleyou’re great at it! You know great snacks and happy hours are fun, but everyone wins when you dedicate time and resources to each individual employee’s physical and mental wellness.
Yours in health!
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Culture Summit
Are You a Culture Champion? Get to Culture Summit on August 16
Gain cross-industry insights and discover the best trends and techniques for building a better company culture. Plus, interact with culture champions from Facebook and Airbnb, just to name a few!
How to Keep Your Startup Culture As You Grow
As a startup, your culture is king and is what attracts the best people. Learn how one company maintained their culture as they grew from a team of 3 to 300.

Navigate Fears of a Changing Culture with Design Thinking
Design thinking is a mindset and a process to approaching culture change. Learn how to anticipate employees’ feelings and roll out prototypes of the new experience.

Remote Work
4 Ways to Show Your Boss the Value of Remote Work [FUTURE OF WORK]
Flexible work arrangements are on the rise, yet some bosses need to be convinced you’ll deliver results. Learn ways to demonstrate your effectiveness and be indispensable from anywhere!

Benching Your Strengths Is the Secret to Career Happiness [GROWTH]
We are often known for our strongest attributes, but can relying on them in excess be too much of a good thing?

14 Things You Should Be Doing AFTER a Job Interview [CAREER]
Breathe a sigh of relief after your job interview, then you’ve got work to do! Learn 14 things, like sending a LinkedIn request, to boost your chances of landing the job.
Buffer’s employee agreement for managing communications via Slack can help your team message and collaborate better, like managing downtime and sharing non-private convos with everyone.
Improve Your Graphic Design Chops with These 8 Tips [DESIGN]
Not all of us were born with an eye for design. Hubspot breaks it down for beginners so you can rock your next creation.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Copywriting [RESOURCES]
This Definitive Guide to Copywriting is 10 chapters of helpful writing advice for writing more effectively to executives, employees, customers, and practically anyone.


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Sleep Cycle App
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock—Waking up Made Easy
The Sleep Cycle alarm clock app learns your sleeping patterns and gently wakes you during your lightest sleep phase. You’ll feel naturally rested and ready to conquer the day. iOS | Android

The Science of Happy
Tap into those moments of joy and kindness in your everyday life with Happier—the mobile gratitude sharing app—and be on your way to a happier, healthier life. iOS | Android

It’s a Weather App—With a Twist!
With funny and personalized weather forecasts to brighten any day, Poncho is your new buddy. You can even send him a text, and he’ll chat back! iOS | Android

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