Apps You Need to Work at Full Capacity
Greetings, Ninja!

You know the saying: Ninjas are only as good as their tools.

But are they? Ninjas are a scrappy, resourceful bunch. We’re known for our workplace wizardry, and we’re basically up for any challenge—with or without our tools.

But would we prefer to work with a suite of our favorite apps, the digital equivalent of a shiny Swiss Army knife? Yes, please! Apps make our lives easier. Apps save time and money. Apps make the world go ‘round!

So we’ve done you a solid and rounded up all the apps you need to work at full capacity, whether you’re running on a Windows, Apple, or Chrome system. We can’t wait to see your handiwork.

Rock on!
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Chrome Extensions
41 Chrome Extensions That Will Make Your Life Better
Want a beautiful motivational screen when you open your browser? How about offline Gmail? These Chrome extensions can save you time and mental well-being.

Discover The Top Apps for Windows Users
Are you a Window user who feels left out of the app game? Check out these apps featured in the Windows Store with everything from Antivirus Software to File Recovery.

Beef up Your Mac Menu Bar With These 34 Apps
We didn’t forget about you, Mac users. Here are some of the best menu bar apps for your computer to keep you focused, informed, and prepared.


Manage Your Energy
Achieve Peak Performance by Simply Managing Your Energy
It makes senseyour energy affects your productivity, mood, and work. The author of The Power of Full Engagement describes how you can be mindful about your energy and reach the top of your game.
C-Suite Communication: What Your Manager Respects and Wants
Talking to the company’s head honchos can be intimidating, but the way you present yourself to them is important. Read how communicating effectively to your CEO can earn you more than respect.
The best kind of summer reading is a book that's both informative and entertaining—something that is helpful but won’t put you to sleep. Here’s a list of 15 of these must-reads.
20 Words and Phrases You (an Articulate Ninja!) Might Be Saying Wrong
Language and the way we use it is constantly evolving—and is used incorrectly. So read this list of 20 misused words and phrases to be on top of the grammar game in the office.
If You’re Just Tuning in to Blockchain, Here’s a Quick Catch-Up
Blockchain technologies are the power behind digital currency and are a big topic of discussion for business insiders. Here’s a quick catch-up so you can stay up-to-date with the tech-talk.
You’re Doing Your Weekend Wrong
That’s right. You’re probably engaged in casual leisure activities when you should be taking your downtime seriously. See how you can get the most rejuvenation out of those two days off.


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