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Remote work—it’s the future. And the future is now! In fact, OfficeNinjas’ team is 100% remote. And since our hiring isn’t tied to a specific region or time zone, we’re able to collaborate with some of the best people in the country.
If you’re a remote employee or have remote colleagues, you know it takes more than a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection to make the arrangement work. Communication, teamwork, and “office” morale become even more important when face time is limited.
As usual, we’ve got the topic (and you) covered. This week’s round-up includes a handful of articles that address everything from snagging a remote position to the tools you need to build rapport with your remote team.
Rock on!


Remote Work
The Ultimate Guide to Working Remotely
Is remote work the secret to increasing productivity, work-life balance, and team happiness? We’ve got some compelling arguments that say “yes!”

How to Get Hired for a Remote Job
Convinced that remote work will fit your lifestyle? Here’s a guide on how to search for, find, and then land that remote job you’ll love.

25 Sites to Find Remote Work
Sorting through the mess of regular job sites for remote work is a job in itself. Here’s a list of the best websites for a remote-specific job hunt that will save you time and headaches.


Personal Brand
Why You Don’t Need a Personal Brand
Personal branding has been all the rage in motivational and career-based advice. But is it really what will set you apart?
This Startup’s Wellness Experiment Is Truly Groundbreaking
What if your job paid you to sleep? To exercise? That’s just what’s happening at Casper, and they have some results to show.
It’s not pretty. 69% of respondents reported being bullied in their workplace. Read more results from the worldwide survey, and learn about the epidemic in offices.
How One Ninja Became Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff
Yep. Ninja Melissa Winter started out as an executive assistant and through her passion and drive, Winter landed a truly aspirational role—Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff.
What Will Our Jobs Look Like in the Age of AI?
Artificial intelligence is coming, and it’s coming fast. This article reports that creativity and critical thinking will be the most important skills for a professional in the coming age.

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