Are you a generalist or a specialist? Or perhaps a little of both?
Greetings, Ninja!

Put your abstract thinking cap on for a minute, and join us for some philosophical banter.

If a well-rounded employee—the kind HR managers dream about—was a letter of the alphabet, what letter would she be? You may be thinking an oval “O” or a curvy capital “Q,” but, believe it or not, (stay with us now) the ideal Jill or Jack of all trades is shaped like the letter “T.”

The horizontal part of the letter represents the individual’s expansive, cross-functional knowledge while the long, vertical piece indicates a deeper expertise in one subject or area. In other words, more and more employers don’t want generalists or specialists. They want generalists with a specialty.

Sound like you? Kudos, Ninja!

Not quite there? Don’t fret. We’re here to whip you into (T) shape.

Rock on!
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