Why You Should Embrace a Growth Mindset
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Let’s talk about your talents.

Are they innate gifts? Or do you believe they’re the product of hard work, risk-taking, learning from failures, and feedback from your peers and mentors?

If you’re in the latter camp, congrats! You have a growth mindset, which is crucial to your personal and professional development. If you’re struggling with the concept, don’t fret. Growth of any kind takes time. Afterall, they don’t call them “growing pains” because they tickle.

We’ve curated a super-inspiring collection of articles on the concept of the growth mindset, and we’re planning to tackle the topic at upcoming Admingling events in Seattle, Washington DC, Denver, and Chicago.  

Come out, join the conversation, meet local Ninjas, and enjoy tasty drinks and bites!

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We love partnering with companies that share our vision of uniting, educating, and celebrating the admin profession. Clorox's mission—make everyday life better, every day—clearly speaks to us! 😍 Meet Clorox IRL at upcoming Seattle and Chicago Admingling events!

What Exactly Is a “Growth Mindset” and How Do I Achieve One?
Just saying you have a growth mindset isn’t enough. Here’s why it’s not easy to achieve one, the triggers that may stand in your way, and how to get past these challenges.

Designing Your Personal Growth
If you’re trying to grow as a professional but are struggling to make progress, here are some great ideas on how to achieve your big goals.

If You Think You Can (Or Can’t) ... Read This Book
A Stanford psychologist discusses how the power of the mind, specifically having a growth mindset, can transform your life so you can flourish.


Art of Delegation
Mastering the Art of Delegation [TIME MANAGEMENT]
Delegation is a delicate dance between getting the job done yourself or letting go and empowering others. Here are tips on how to delegate the right way.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be a Jack of All Trades [PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT]
It turns out you can be a jane of all trades, master of many. Tim Ferriss takes a look at why specialization isn’t always a good thing, and how being a generalist is making a comeback.
In today’s continuously evolving world of change, it’s important to stay relevant. It’s not necessarily the most intelligent people who get the job done—but those most adaptable to change.
The Scientific Link Between Boredom & Creativity [CREATIVITY]
We all know the pressure of being busy and productive. One writer questioned this concept, looking into the benefits of boredom and how it can help spur creativity.

How to Get Back to Productive Badassery [PRODUCTIVITY]
We all have days when we’re feeling unproductive, but as Ninjas, we push through it. An executive coach says that may not be the answer—and how taking a step back could make us more productive.


Admingling Events
This quarter’s topic is Professional Development. We’ll dig into discussions about company views on professional development, stretch assignment successes, and the power of a growth mindset. Space is limited, so register soon.

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