Ever Wonder What an Admingling Event Is Really Like?
Greetings, Ninja!

Ever notice how some movie trailers cram in every punchline and action sequence? Or totally take the air out of a pivotal plot point by giving away too much?

By the time you sit down with your Raisinets and extra large popcorn, you’ve already seen all the best parts.

Well, we have a new video reel for Admingling…

Admingling Movie Trailer
…and it’s nothing like that. Yes, it’s chock-full of happy Ninjas networking, talking shop, and enjoying drinks and grub. But there’s no way we can capture the true Admingling experience in just two minutes—you gotta be there.

We’re proud that we’ve expanded to 12 cities this year, and we continue to grow! If you think your hometown should be on the list, help us get there. You can start by completing this form.

Rock on!
OfficeNinjas HQ

P.S. Shout out to Michael Clark, a Seattle-based Ninja, for giving Admingling this killer review on LinkedIn. Thanks, Michael!


Admingling Events
We promise two hours jam-packed with thought-provoking discussions about the future of the admin profession. Each of our venues has a relaxed vibe and a delicious menu (way better than popcorn and Raisinets). And every Ninja walks away with a stack of new professional contacts. 

Intrigued? Browse the photo albums of our recent New YorkSeattle, and Silicon Valley events and sign-up for an upcoming event!


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