How to Get in the Zone (and Stay There)
Greetings, Ninja!

You glance at the clock and think, Have I really been working for two hours?

Not once did you check your inbox or daydream about the weekend. You were completely engrossed in your work. Your focus was razor sharp. You got SO MUCH done. And it felt amazing.

You just experienced what psychologists refer to as “Flow.”

It’s a powerful but elusive phenomenon, which is why we’ve dedicated an entire week to studying it. Flow isn’t supernatural (though it may feel pretty darn magical when it happens). In fact, when you understand your own work patterns, you can tap into Flow in a more proactive way versus waiting for the muse to strike.

Can you imagine what we Ninjas could accomplish with more Flow?

Rock on!
OfficeNinjas HQ

P.S. Tonight's the inaugural AdminglingDEN event! We can't wait to meet Denver Ninjas—and we're also gearing up for next week's AdminglingCHI event. Chicago Ninjas, tickets are still up for grabs!


OfficeNinjas All-Star Sarah Schraer
2017 OfficeNinjas All-Star, Sarah Schraer, gets in the flow while coordinating two office moves.
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OfficeNinjas All-Star Jaime Caban
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Admingling Movie Trailer
The OFFICIAL Admingling Movie Trailer 🎬 is here!
It’s chock-full of enthusiastic Ninjas networking, talking shop, and enjoying drinks and grub. But there’s no way we can capture the true Admingling experience in just two minutes—you gotta be there and see for yourself!


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