Why a Zeroed-Out Inbox Isn’t a Great Email Goal
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Let’s talk about email management.

Are you chasing a zeroed-out inbox? We get the motivation. A clean slateno little red flags or week-long chains that are 15 responses deepis freeing. It’s also fleeting.

Make a quick trip to refill your coffee, and you can expect to return to at least half a dozen updates, responses, and requests. Go the whole weekend without checking in, and you’re right back to where you started.

There’s a better way, Ninja! The key is some self-awareness about your own email habits and a deliberate approach to your workflow. Mix in the smartest email apps on the market, and you’ll own your inbox (instead of the other way around).

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Stop Letting Email Control Your Work Day
Employees spend 28% of their time in the office responding to, reading, or composing emails. 28%! By using this philosophy and these tools from Dartmouth Professor Paul Argenti, you can take control of that ever-expanding inbox.

Manage Your Inbox Better with These Smart Email Workflows
Stop being busy, and start being deliberate about your emails with these Zapier workflows. Snap your emails into to-do lists, notify those who need to take action, and open up quick discussion without hitting “Reply All.”

The Ultimate List of Email Productivity Apps
From Inbox by Google to instant scheduling, email tracking, templates, and polls from Mixmax, you’re bound to find a tool that lets you focus less on email and more on meaningful tasks.

Anita Conrad OfficeNinjas All-Star

2017 OfficeNinjas All-Star Winner,
Anita Conrad, has an inspo-worthy career with 100+ colleagues who backed up the claim.

13 Ways to Skyrocket Your Career [CAREER DEVELOPMENT]
Set yourself apart from the crowd with skills like Microvating, the art of tiny-innovations. Find ways to reframe boring projects in a way that makes them more useful—and admazing—such as turning spreadsheets into beautiful visual reports. Microvation demonstrates you’re someone who sees opportunity in everything and can get things done.

The Skills You’ll Need in 2025 to Be at the Forefront of Your Industry [LEADERSHIP]
In the near future, most places of employment will be focused on ROWE—that’s Results-Only Work Environments. As more work turns digital and offices are less defined, performance will increasingly be based on the results you create, not the hours you work.
Find Focus and Create Conditions for Intentional Work [PRODUCTIVITY]
Success comes from the ability to manage important projects and priorities without losing focus. Continually ask yourself, “Who are the people I am solving this problem for?” and “Are my recent decisions in line with my overarching intentions?”

This Auto-Reply Email Could Change Your Work-Life Balance [WORK-LIFE BALANCE]
This auto-reply serves as a reminder and inspiration that we can choose to be as busy (or not as busy) as we’d like. Make your inbox work for you — not the other way around —by following this refreshing lead.

Excel Is Getting Smarter and More Useful (Google Sheets too!) [TECHNOLOGY]
By early 2018, Excel will allow you to automatically pull the most interesting data from a spreadsheet and create visual charts. Google Sheets has this functionality too! Hello, easy analytics!


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