Do You Hear Notification Chimes in Your Sleep?
Greetings, Ninja!

Ever walk out of the office feeling like you time warped from 9 AM to 6 PM? You’re tired, and you know you were busy, yet it doesn’t feel like you did much beyond answering emails, checking notifications, and managing your colleagues’ impromptu requests.

If you’re spending your day reacting to interruptions, you’re not making the most of your time. Considering how amazing you are now, imagine what you could accomplish with a few more hours of productivity!

It’s doable, Ninja. And it’s not complicated. In fact, it’s the opposite.

Get ready to embrace simplicity and focus your workday.

Rock on!
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Create Simplicity and Focus
Create Simplicity and Focus in Your Workday
Our days can feel like a crazy sea of distraction, stress, and busyness. But they don’t have to! Zenmaster Leo Babauta shares how you can narrow your focus on fewer things by simplifying your physical and digital workspaces.

Instead of Managing Your Time, Try Designing Your Time
As Ninjas, we may feel that we’re being pulled in every direction like a human Gumby. But if you could find the time to think strategically about your workflow, it could come back to you tenfold. This 24-minute read (it’s worth it!) shares actional methods on how to design—and reclaim—your time.

18 Productivity Frameworks to Master Time Management
You don’t have to improve your productivity just by sheer force of will. This curated list uncovers a wide range of time-saving methods and breaks down its processes, user types, and compatible apps/support materials. Some of our favs include Getting Things Done, Bullet Journal, and The Pomodoro Technique.


Regain Control of Your Attention
How to Regain Control of Your Attention in the Age of Distraction [PRODUCTIVITY]
“As we look back on our lives, the sum total of our experience will be what we paid attention to.” We concur! By shifting the time we give to the trivial (and usually not urgent) social media, email, and news updates, we can devote our energies to valuable and more enriching aspects of our lives (learning, creating, family, friends).

Work with a Jerk? Here’s How To Survive [PEOPLE OPERATIONS]
If you’re forced to work with a jerk, don’t burn bridges—just reduce the frequency of your interactions. A Stanford professor of organizational behavior and author of The Asshole Survival Guide: How to Deal with People Who Treat You Like Dirt shares how to recognize (and deal with) toxic people.

Computer Elbow Is Real—10 Tips to Prevent & Relieve Pain [HEALTH]
“Computer elbow” is a common pain amongst us workplace warriors. But don’t let that nagging and persistent pain in your elbow get the best of you. There are things you can do to prevent and speed up the healing process.

Four Dynamic Ways Work Will Change in the Future [FUTURE OF WORK]
While a traditional college degree will remain useful to build fundamental skills, employees will be expected to continue their education throughout their careers. By sharpening your Ninja skills and getting “micro-credentials” (online classes, workshops, etc.), you’ll be on your way to dominating the future of work!

How to Practice Radical Honesty—From One of the Wisest Minds in People Operations [HUMAN INTELLIGENCE]
Patty McCord, a leader in culture and people operations, created the famed Culture Doc that redefined Netflix’s culture. Here, she talks about why and how honesty should be everyone’s default—and shares a framework that we all can follow.


OfficeNinjas Admingling Event Series
The OFFICIAL Admingling Movie Trailer 🎬 is here!

It’s chock-full of enthusiastic Ninjas networking, talking shop, and enjoying drinks and grub. But there’s no way we can capture the true Admingling experience in just two minutes—you gotta be there and see for yourself!

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