Why Having One Mentor Isn't Enough
Greetings, Ninja!

So you think you've found a mentor! That's great, but you're not done. You need more than just one smart, experienced professional to provide advice and guidance. You need a personal board of directors.

A personal board of directors is your own handpicked team of industry experts and workplace gurus. You know—the event planner who consistently knocks it out of the park, the IT guru, the more senior admin with a knack for defusing office drama. It's a squad as dynamic and diverse as your role as a Ninja and having one will keep you at the top of your game.

Building your board takes time, but the initial investment is guaranteed to pay off in spades.

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Build a Personal Board of Directors
Build a Personal Board of Directors That'll Invest in Your Success
Ninjas do it all—which can be a heavy burden. That's why a personal board of directors is crucial. They'll lessen your load by serving as sounding boards, strengthening your professional network, and diversifying your knowledge base.

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