How to Get Comfortable with Negotiating
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There’s a BIG difference between haggling and negotiating.

Haggling is the thing you do with the street vendor selling overpriced sunglasses in the touristy part of town. You have to do it because those frames are definitely knock-offs, and the whole experience is sort of soul-sucking.

Negotiating is different. It’s a fundamental life skill that’s important to both your professional and personal life. And, if done right, both parties walk away feeling like they struck a great deal.

Want to add “negotiation skills” to your Ninja tool belt? It all starts with clarifying your priorities and understanding the value of what you bring to the (negotiating) table.

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How to Influence Others Ethically and Honestly
Persuasion is a key part of negotiation, and it can be done without underhanded tricks or mind games. Through empathy, self-control, and seeking to understand, you can get the results you want while helping everyone feel good about themselves.


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