Win Big with Our Admin Week Launch Giveaway!
Greetings, Ninja!

Admin Week (April 2327, 2018) may still be a few months away, but the campaign has begun! You didn’t think we’d give the biggest celebration of administrative badassery only five days of buzz, did you?

First order of business: the OfficeNinjas All-Stars nomination period is now open! OfficeNinjas All-Stars is an online search for the best and brightest office managers, executive assistants, and administrative maestros. Beyond bragging rights, our five winners receive a professional photo shoot and a killer prize package.

As if that weren’t exciting enough, you can now register for Admin Bash! You know, the one where we ditch all the rules for traditional networking events and throw an epic party? Admin Bash sells out every year, so get your tickets TODAY.

And finally, we're celebrating our Admin Week launch with a GIVEAWAY! Enter by Dec 21 to win one of three prize packages!

Rock on!
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Admin Week 2018
Enter to Win our Giveaway in Celebration of our Admin Week Launch—3 Ninjas Will Win!
We know how much talent and hard work it takes to run an efficient, organized, and happy office. Your amazingness may go undetected for 51 weeks out of the year, but we’re pulling back the curtain. Get ready for a trifecta of appreciation, celebration, and recognition.

All Ninjas Shine … but All-Stars SPARKLE!
Kicking ass daily is the Office Ninja’s M.O., and All-Stars set the bar even higher with their creativity, resourcefulness, passion for efficiency, and can-do attitudes. Each day of Admin Week, we feature a Ninja who regularly knocks it out of the park. Are you one of them?

You’ve Found Your Tribe! Now It’s Time to Celebrate Together.
Six years ago, our community reclaimed Administrative Professionals Day. We planned a party that broke the mold for professional networking events. Our only rule? It would grow bigger and better every year. Admin Bash 2018 will be no exception. Can we count you in?

Enter to Win Our Giveaway!

Be More Productive with Your Time
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We all wish there were more hours in the day. Imagine what we could accomplish! What if there was a way we could squeeze more out of those 24 hours? There is ... if we’re intentional about what we do—and don’t—spend our time on.

What to Do If Productivity Tips Don’t Seem to Work for You [PRODUCTIVITY]
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How to Create an Action Plan to Knock Your Goals out of the Park [PERSONAL GROWTH]
You know the things you should be doing. Why is it so hard to actually do them? By focusing on a short list of goals, reminding yourself what’ll happen if you don’t achieve them, and breaking them down into 3-5 daily actionable tasks, you can accomplish just about anything.

Take Back Control When You’re Feeling Burned Out [SELF-CARE]
Burnout can leave you feeling exhausted, ineffective, unaccomplished, and cynical. It feels like everything is working against you. So how can you recharge and build momentum? Flip the script by taking action on what you can control—even if it seems small.

How to Survive (and Thrive) in an Open Office [WORKPLACE]
Open offices are everywhere—around 70 percent of US offices have some form of an open concept. And like everything, they have their pros and cons. Whether you’re a fan or not, with these tips from Evernote, you can stay focused and productive without the aid of walls.


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